Education Alone Does Not Suffice; One Should Possess Passion Too!

  • We, the typical Indian middle-class families – irrespective of man-made ubiquitous identification parameters vis-à-vis lower, middle, and upper-middle-class – are always ingrained with a firm belief system extolling the virtues of education in all matters concerning potential prosperity. Right from birth, respective parents would have unabashedly made their intentions clear by emphasizing the necessity of quality education to lead a decent enough life subsequently. The society too lays tremendous importance in wholeheartedly acknowledging the role of education whilst shaping the individual’s life as he/she starts taking those tentative baby steps in pursuit of excellence.

PC:  A. Pawlowski

  • The respect accorded to an educated lot is quite different and conspicuous than to those uneducated lot making it obvious where the society’s preference rests on the matter. No wonder, none of the countries neither glosses over the inevitability of education in furthering the larger interests nor leaves any stone unturned in ensuring the education infrastructure lacks in accommodating the desired levels of learnings. Whatever nomenclature one might associate with various forms of education vis-à-vis holistic, traditional, conventional, modern, technological, and practical education, individuals lacking in some structural learning would be left far behind in the pecking order is stating the obvious.
  • I do not know how many would have encountered such an unpleasant scenario wherein not holding a proper educational qualification is always looked down upon as compared to someone boasting a slew of degrees against his/her name. The more the degrees suffixed against one’s name, the more are the chances of receiving not only great attention but also an ear for any pearls of wisdom forthcoming from the genius. Many of us have experienced how an erudite-looking individual armed with a plethora of degrees is treated by the patronizing lot. Conversely, someone not endowed with suitable educational qualifications always begets mostly condescending and less than attentive ear or attention.

PC: WSAZ News Staff

  • This common phenomenon continues in literally all walks of life firmly establishes the significance bestowed to education. Now, the moot point to ponder over here is what happens if someone not endowed with conventional degree(s) goes on to establish him/herself as highly successful in society as per the accepted norms? In doing so, the orthodox wisdom usually associated with the education pattern itself is subjected to probing questioning seeking answers about the infallibility of acquiring degrees to emerge successful after all. There is any number of triumphant achievers despite lacking formal education having surpassed all conventional expectations to set enviable records worthy of emulation.
  • This leads to begging questions as to whether the sole criterion of access to quality education alone would prepare an individual to embark on the journey of success or something else acts as a catalyst propelling one to break the glass ceiling. I would prefer to call that passion and the right attitude to swim against the tide to emerge winner fighting all odds. Yes, educational degrees in any chosen field would help in chiseling the raw produce into a refined product eventually. But harping only on the virtues of education without passion and attitude would certainly render those acquired qualifications null and void. This is my opinion! Welcome if it is disputed.

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Krishna MV
Krishna is a Post Graduate with specialization in English Literature and Human Resource Management, respectively. Having served the Indian Air Force with distinction for 16 years, Armed Forces background definitely played a very major role in shaping as to who & what he is right now. Presently, he is employed as The Administrator of a well known educational institute in Bangalore. He is passionate about sharing thoughts by writing articles on the current affairs / topics with insightful dissection and offering counter / alternate views thrown in for good measure. Also, passionate about Cricket, Music – especially vintage Kannada & Hindi film songs, reading – non-fictional & Self-Help Books, and of course, fitness without compromising on the culinary pleasures.