Is There a Way to Avoid the Anticipated Third Wave from Striking India!!

  • The entire universe has undergone unmitigated destructions during the successive waves ever since the SARS-CoV-2 struck with vengeance early last year. The trail of devastation left behind by the pandemic needs neither further elaboration nor can we proclaim to have succeeded in keeping the virus at bay yet. Of course, few of the advanced countries have started relaxing stringent restrictions on the back of the vaccination drive picking up pace. Yes, the miraculous invention of the vaccines in such a short period is considered no less than a boon for humanity. Mind you, vaccination alone would be building a protective shield against the rampaging virus menace going by the statistics of the infected lot as presented by the authorities.

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  • There is no denying the fact that the Indian government was found wanting in anticipating the second Covid wave and its lethality. The way transmission of the virus multiplied during the harrowing months of April and May was devasting leading to thousands of precious lives getting lost. People struggling to get medical relief was beamed relentlessly by the electronic media and those images will remain ever etched in our memories whether we like it or not. Completely purging those dreaded days of struggles not knowing what will befall would take some real attitude and resilience from each one of us. Apart from the physical damages suffered by the infection, mental scarring suffered by people over the last couple of months is unquantifiable.
  • As the country slowly but steadily comes to grips with the receding second wave, concerns are being raised by the medical experts and scientific fraternity of the possible third wave largely expected to affect children below 18 years. Such a prediction does not necessarily rule out the vulnerability and susceptibility of people over 18 years not getting infected by the ominous virus. Simply because our country’s vaccination drive has not picked up pace despite the inoculation starting from 16th January. It is extremely disappointing to note that even our healthcare and frontline warriors are yet to be vaccinated in satisfactory numbers, owing to unfound hesitancy. The dearth of an adequate supply of vaccines too largely contributed to our vaccination drive not reaching intended targets. That is another story altogether.


  • The Union Government, though complacent at the beginning, did initiate measures to ensure a steady supply of vaccines by tweaking the strategies allowing for the drive to pick up pace incommensurate with the huge population density. If everything goes as per the roadmap provided by the Government, the eligible Indian population should be receiving their jabs by the end of December 2021. On that note, it can be safely proclaimed that the only way to keep the anticipated third Covid wave at a safe distance is by aggressively going ahead with the vaccination drive involving every resource available for the purpose. The more we delay, the more are the chances of virus variants/mutants coming into play. Let there be no laxity on this front, please!

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