Worryingly, Metro Cities are Proving to be Laggards in Voting!

  • One of the most disappointing but routine phenomena observed over the last few years is the visible lack of interest, enthusiasm, and a sense of participation by the urbanites in the electoral process. We, the Indian citizens, take great pride in proclaiming with absolute delight at any given opportunity about the democratic form of governance built on the solid platform of the Constitution. The Constitution shapes our existence is stating the obvious as the nation and the policymakers in the form of the legislature and the executive build upon the strategies in line with the clearly stated objectives enshrined. One of the key processes of democracy is the free, fair, and peaceful conduct of the elections from time to time by the Election Commission of India.


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  • We are aware of the seven phases of the general elections underway presently to elect the new members. Two phases of elections are already behind us. The major political parties are amid intense electioneering impressing the electorate to choose them for furthering the cause of the citizens and the nation. The mammoth exercise of conducting the elections with almost 100 crore eligible voters is no mean task. The Election Commission of India (ECI) has time and again delivered this unimaginably humongous logistical nightmare with such great aplomb. However, despite the ECI, political parties, and concerned civil society members consistently urging eligible voters to come out and vote in great numbers, the response from the citizens has been of great concern.
  • It is proved beyond doubt that urban voters have consistently shown glaring insensitivity, sheer lack of participation, and general apathy toward elections. Especially the metro cities continue to return unimpressive voting percentages despite concerted efforts to disseminate the virtues of exercising our universal suffrage. Mind you, the same citizens will don the role of armchair critics denigrating the government in power in no uncertain terms for failing to provide basic amenities at par with the globally acclaimed metropolitan cities. There is no dearth of civilian experts who wish to point fingers at anything and everything vis-à-vis governance but fail to answer the call of duty when it’s their turn to exercise rights. How hypocritical we can become?

Metro Cities

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  • Voting is a right bestowed upon us by the Constitution to choose elected representatives who are tasked to take forward the nation through dynamically defined policies. For that to happen, the citizens must participate in great numbers to not only be an inalienable part of the electoral process but also make an informed decision to choose the right elected representatives. It’s noteworthy to observe how the rural populace willfully jumps into the electoral process in great numbers fulfilling the citizens’ responsibilities. Unfortunately, the so-called urban dwellers miserably fail to rise to the occasion when it matters most. Is it time to usher in drastic measures to compel eligible voters to exercise their franchise? Indeed, the time will be not far off.