The Prevalent Summer Heat in Bengaluru is Quite Revealing!

Prevalent Summer Heat
  • Not so long ago, Bengaluru – the capital city of Karnataka – had a moniker anointing it as the garden city of India. Of course, Bengaluru is also termed the Silicon Valley of India since several big tech behemoths have been present here over the last few decades. Consequently, the city also has grown exponentially keeping in line with the requirements of tech manpower, amenities, and the related economic growth usually associated with the flowering of opportunities. Indeed, Bengaluru was also known for its salubrious weather conditions throughout the year with moderate temperatures making life comfortable for those choosing to call the city their home. It used to be a bliss to call Bengaluru home. Not anymore. Let’s delve.

Summer Heat

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  • Ask any old timers, Bengaluru was always an attractive proposition to relocate and start a new beginning. Not for nothing, Bengaluru was termed a pensioner’s paradise. Scores considered the city a great place to lead a retired life since the weather pattern on offer was so pleasant, comfortable, and to die for. The old timers were never tired of mentioning with absolute pride and delight while describing the joy of leading a peaceful life in Bengaluru. People calling the city home for generations would reveal that Bengaluru did not require even a ceiling fan a few decades back to beat the summer heat. The present generation living in the city would be astonished to hear such a statement from the old-timers.
  • Recollect how the rains were around the corner even during the seemingly irritating summer heat. Most of us have witnessed how the city used to receive welcome showers in the evening no sooner than the morning heat appeared to be a bit uncomfortable. More often than not, the evening showers used to be around office closing hours largely disrupting the movement. But we citizens never complained since the showers used to considerably cool down the heat with one shower. The weather pattern was quite consistent with well-defined pre-monsoon showers followed by regular monsoon, winter, and summer months. The routine was quite regular, allowing us to plan our lives right through the year in line with the unchanging weather patterns.


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  • However, things have changed so drastically in the last few years that the searing heat is not being accompanied by showers in the evening at all. The winter months have hardly compelled us to get into those welcoming warm clothes and quilts so ubiquitous during the later months of the year. Rains are becoming too scanty leading to an unheard-of drinking water crisis. Forget about ceiling fans, now the entire urban landscape/dwelling is dotted with air conditioners further adding to the already unbearable heat within the atmosphere. Rains played truant with the city last year, and the consequence is visible now. Unprecedented heatwave-like weather prevailing in Bengaluru is a matter of great concern. Is it our own doing? Who else to blame but us, the citizens?