The First Phase of the Election in Karnataka Will Show Which Way the Wind is Blowing!

First Phase of the Election
  • By the time you read this article, the first phase of the election – the second in the ongoing Lok Sabha polls – will be behind in Karnataka. The general elections are usually considered as a fight related to national issues where sovereignty, security, and the country’s developmental as well as growth prospects are bandied about. Rightly so, since the national elections must be all about critical issues surrounding the country and its ability to stand among the global pecking order. All the policies promulgated by the Parliament vis-à-vis the nation’s growth prospects will be the onus of the legislature elected by the electorate as their representatives. The Lok Sabha polls are critical for this aspect. This is the beauty of democracy and we are proud to be a part of it.

First Phase

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  • Not for nothing India is described as the largest democracy in the world duly acknowledged by the global community for its vibrancy, diversity, and ability to sustain itself despite encountering varied challenges along the way. As part of the democratic process, it is incumbent on our part to actively participate in the elections underway to choose our leaders/policymakers. Those familiar with Karnataka politics would note that the BJP had won 25 seats in the last general elections out of 28 seats leaving two and one seats to the JD(S) and Congress, respectively. Remember, the previous Lok Sabha polls had JD(S) and Congress joining hands to take on the BJP. However, this time around the equations have changed diametrically opposite now with the JD(S) in alliance with the BJP.
  • Did someone mention that there are no permanent enemies and friends in politics? Undoubtedly so. Don’t be surprised if today’s die-hard friends become sworn enemies over time. Politics makes it possible to get strange bedfellows out of nowhere, you see. As you are aware, the Karnataka assembly elections of last year ensured the Congress came to power with a thumping majority defeating the BJP. The five guarantees of the Congress so vociferously propagated had a consequential effect resulting in the Grand Old Party coming back to power. Of course, the BJP losing power in the only southern state of importance must be construed as a setback. The JD(S) bastion in the Old Mysore belt was breached by the Congress during the last elections too.


PC: The Economic Times

  • The above setback prompted the regional outfit to join hands with the BJP to not only remain relevant in the electoral firmament but also attempt to rise from the almost critical existential crisis. The BJP will be banking on the unquestionable charisma, popularity, and acceptance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to not only retain the seats it won last time around but also show that it has not lost too much ground in the state. The Congress is bullish about its chances and is highlighting local issues to counter the supposed stepmotherly treatment meted out by the Centre. Which political party succeeds in winning over the electorate will be known in due course of time. Which way the political wind will blow? Let’s wait and watch.

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