Team India’s Meek Capitulation in the WTC Championship Raises Questions! (part 1)

  • The thrills, frills, excitement, and edge-of-your-seat drama that are displayed when Test cricket is played between two equally competent sides competing to outdo each other are unmatched, believe me. It is unnecessary to elaborate on the intense competition between the bat and the ball that can be seen in the longer version of cricket. Test matches, which not only put a cricketer’s skills to the test but also bring unmitigated excitement to the enthusiastic crowds that pack the stadiums in anticipation, are strongly advocated by cricket purists and aficionados. It makes sense that the recently finished World Test Championship (WTC) match between Australia and India attracted attention from people who are intimately linked with the sport.

PC: Dave Middleton

  • For those who are unaware, the WTC is a two-year competition between two elite teams vying for the mace. Undoubtedly, there was a real buzz surrounding the WTC, and when Team India is involved, the excitement is sure to grow. Remember that the WTC was planned just after the just-completed season of the hugely successful and well-liked Indian Premier League? Team India fell short in the first WTC match against New Zealand in 2021, but they persevered well over the following two years to advance to the most recent WTC final versus Australia. Yet, the Indian cricket team’s performance during the entire Test would have disappointed millions of supporters.
  • Looking at the team composition for the WTC final would reveal that not much has changed or that no new talent has emerged to fill the big shoes of stalwarts who continue to be a part of the playing eleven. The Indian squad has made the finals eight times, but the most concerning fact is that they have not won any tournaments sponsored by the International Cricket Council in recent years. The South African side was formerly known in the cricketing world as the Chokers. Sadly, the Rohit Sharma-led team in the WTC final was unable to stay one step ahead of the roving Australians. Given how frequently Team India falls short of the finish line, perhaps the dubious label will be attached to them. Team India is legally qualified to be labeled as chokers who falter to deceive because they frequently fail to complete the course.

PC: Jennifer

  • In retrospect, causes other than the final team’s illogical composition could include even subpar preparation for such a significant test. Unquestionably, an offensive mentality always enables a team to establish early momentum, and this is where Team India faltered. Even if Rohit Sharma had chosen to bat first due to cloudy conditions, doing so right after winning the toss was not a wise option. Even if the decision-makers were aware of how unpredictable the weather can be in England, asking the opposition to bat first was still a bad idea. Remember that the side batting first always conveys to the opposition that they mean business, but the Indian brain tank made a different decision.