10 Signs That She Likes You


A boy and a girl meet, they become friends, best of friends and then there’s a big passage which needs to be overtaken before one can take the next step. The problem with boys is that they want to propose her because they are afraid that she might reject him. So here are 10 signs which will help you to know whether she likes you or not: 

she likes you

1. Your friends start teasing you

This is the first sign that will come across. Believe it or not your best friends know you better than you know yourself, they can understand it from body language where you want to go and if you have friends who are a bit ‘Kamine’ then you can surely relate to this point. They help you realize that you have fallen for her and you should take the next step.



she likes you

2. She tries to be close to you

Whenever you and friends decide to go out, she always tries to be close to you. For example, if you plan to have lunch in some restaurant and you are a bunch of people, then she makes a point that she will be sitting next to you and if she is not successful in that then she will start throwing tantrums which is clearly a indication that she likes you.



she likes you

3. You can make her blush in no time

Now this is something which only you can do. If you know that you do not have a good sense of humor and you know that you can’t crack good jokes, but still she laughs like you are Kapil Sharma, then you certainly need to take the next step. Even if you stare at her casually and it makes her blush, then you are going the right way.



she likes you

4. She teases you

Yes, she teases you and she loves to do that. She always tries to make you feel jealous that some boy approached her and tells you other provoking things, this certainly means that she is motivating you to take the next step and if you don’t move fast she might not be yours.






she likes you

5. Hugs are a bit different

There’s a difference between a friend hug and a hug by a closed one. You can realize that the way she hugs you isn’t a friend hug and you can tell that she was looking forward to meeting you for a long time. Let’s just say that if she hugs you differently then you can take the next step forward.



she likes you

6. She shows interest in your personal life

She tries to know everything about you, she always keeps herself updated whether you are having a girlfriend or she asks what kind of girl you like and similar things. If all these points are valid in your case, then you are going the right way and you can approach her in the time to come.



she likes you

7. Your WhatsApp conversations become lengthy

She just won’t let you sleep. Just when you told her a bye you will see hundreds of messages popping up and some of them are enough for your conversations to continue, all this are clearly a sign that she likes you.



she likes you

8. She starts telling you her personal life

If this starts, then you are just a few steps away before you can propose her to be yours. If she tells you about her past incidents which left a horrible impact on her life or even small little things which are bothering her then it is time for you to take the next step.



she likes you

9. She Trusts you

If she has ever been vocal stating that ‘I trust you more than my best friends’ then you are almost there, try to win her heart thereon, and you might notice then she is also taking steps towards you.




she likes you

10. You both look forward to meeting each other

You want to meet her, is certainly a sign that you like her, but she wants to meet you must happen in order to prove that she likes you and it is not a one sided feeling. If you both like meeting one another and you love and look forward to spending time with one another, then I must say that you should take the next step forward.


So, these are the signs that can help you determine that she likes you.

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