Sugar and Health are Anathema to Each Other! One Need to be Careful Here!

  • In the context of Indian society’s traditions and culture vis-à-vis culinary preferences, sweets play an extremely important role since the majority of us have sweet-tooth. None of the Indian functions, rituals, events, or for that matter celebrations are complete without the presence of at least a couple of sweet dishes. Any event or celebration is dubbed successful or unsuccessful based on the number of sweet dishes making their presence felt. Rich or poor, a big influencer or a commoner, the foodies that we all are gets accentuated with our preferences for some of the most exotic varieties of sweet dishes. Sit back for a while and introspect, this aspect immediately takes overwhelming precedence over everything else. Sweet/sugar does matter.

Sugar and Health

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  • Now, we are also made aware that the continued reliance/preference for anything sweet and/or sugar is detrimental to the overall health of the individuals. Over-indulgence in sweets is extremely bad for health leading to several complications. Government authorities alongside medical experts have passionately advocated to shun excessive dependence on sweets. However, Indian society’s deep-rooted preference to place greater emphasis on sweet dishes is proving to be damaging to the overall well-being of the citizens. It is proved beyond doubt that sugar is as addictive as any drug, releasing opioids and dopamine in our system. As reported in newspapers extensively, additional sugar is being found in baby formula and cereals has stirred a hornet’s nest here.
  • Make no mistake, sweetening baby formula and cereal is one of the most insidious ways in which global food companies prime consumers to crave sugar right from infancy. While there has been some outrage about this in the West, a recent study has found that food giant Nestle adds sugar to baby food like Cerelac in low, middle-income countries, including India. Sugar addiction in India often called the world’s diabetes capital, is in a class of its own. India is pretty much the home of crystalline sugar, which was used as early as the 6th century BCE for ceremonial and royal purposes. So we have a longstanding cultural attachment to it. Eating sugar is socially acceptable substance abuse. Sweets are an inalienable part of marking an occasion as mentioned above.



  • It’s a collective drug rush, and we bond over it. Prosperity means the capacity to eat more sugar, love means giving children sugary treats. But our bodies are only human. We can consume sugar in tiny amounts. Sadly, bulk sweeteners snuck in by industrial food and beverages are destroying our health. In the last century, sugar consumption has soared everywhere in the world, with the US and Western Europe consuming 40-60 kg of sugar per person a year. Many countries have taken the war on obesity and diabetes seriously, slapping taxes on food giants. India might have an enduring relationship with sweets, but we must curb our enthusiasm. The Indian regulators must hold the food industry to account – if they are serious about public health.

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