There’s No One Way to Show Our Love for the Country!

  • I am of the firm belief that each citizen of the country, or for that matter any country, is not only entitled to exhibit their patriotism in whatever form they wish to but also without any restraint to express themselves as deemed necessary. See every individual is unique and hence, would be aiming to show their love for the country accordingly. Though nationalistic, there must be a line drawn when jingoism, bigotry, and deeply polarizing viewpoints may create disharmony in society. Guarding against these sensitive issues assumes great importance for anything out of the ordinary is bound to result in disturbances. Nonetheless, expressing love and adulation towards the country always evokes emotional feelings that are indescribable and can be only experienced.

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  • Make no mistake, there cannot be one individual who will not have goosebumps while singing a national anthem. The sense of pride, unparalleled emotions, and an overwhelming feeling of affection are no less than a cathartic experience that we would have felt on many occasions. No wonder, the undying love and affection for the country are what drives the brave soldiers to embrace martyrdom with a smile on their faces. Take for instance how the US-born Bengaluru-based composer Ricky Kej dedicated his award to India after he won a Grammy this year for the best immersive audio album. Any Indian, if they so choose, can bask in the glow of his success, and feel like they own a bit of his talent and work, whether or not they’re familiar with it.
  • Conversely, Nobel-winner Venki Ramakrishnan had perhaps a different view, putting nationalist self-congratulation in perspective. He pointed out that science depends on the flow of ideas around the world, and narrow nationalism harms both science and the nation. No question asked as both the above instances are to be construed as fine attitudes, and a secure nation like India can take both with open arms. Understandably, high as the nationalist pitch is globally, the link between place and homeland is messy, especially in our globalized times. We know how migrant workers pine for home, and NRIs simply idealise it. Of course, some people might relate more to a distant nation. Whereas, other people might feel unwanted in their own country.

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  • On the other hand, the Pakistani-origin singer Adnan Sami claimed that flying a Telugu flag contradicted the idea of being Indian first. But for the majority, love for the neighbourhood, country, and other countries is like concentric circles. They can exist independently of each other and in harmony. Thus, there’s no one way to love our country. Likewise, those who can’t do public service can do lip service. Yes, some even dodge their taxes and profess to love the country. Yes, cheering a cricket team or watching an Indian movie, painting a flag on one’s face, or boosting a hashtag, no effort is too much for the nation. As long as loving one’s country doesn’t come with hating each other or any other country, it’s all for the better.

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Krishna MV
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