One Loyal Friend is Worth Ten Thousand Relatives!

  • I am pretty sure that nine out of ten, if not ten out of ten, would passionately and vociferously vouch for the above statement without even an iota of doubt whatsoever. Not only that, but many of us will also go through an avalanche of emotions to share insights into how those unforgettable moments spent with like-minded friends defined our growing-up years. We will never let go an opportunity to go back in time to not only reminisce golden times spent indulging in naughty, cavalier, happy-go-lucky, and world may be damned attitude whilst spending periods together, but also never fail to share several indelible memories with near and dear ones too.

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  • Even at the cost of sounding repetitive, sharing those remembrances never fails to enthuse crackling spirits urging them to have one more crack at the same. As the vagaries of life carried us through different phases of childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and eventually helping evolve into a dynamic individual(s) fully equipped to move ahead to pursue an enticing and promising career in whatever field chosen, one extremely significant factor that keeps us bound to erstwhile roots of existence is those friendships forged decades ago. Our equations with the friends and acquaintances acquired over the period courtesy education, professional exchanges, and through family alliances may herald more than pleasant relationships largely based on mutual respect.
  • However, these friendships can certainly not replace the warmth, blind beliefs, easy camaraderie, and seamless intertwining of ideas of the childhood bonds forged with few buddies. When old friends meet or congregate after a certain lapse of period, the house will be set on fire would be an understatement. The copious amounts of happiness, boisterousness, exalted feelings, absolute pleasure, and the kick derived out of recollecting events of interests cannot be expressed in mere words. Yes, the pure joy of sharing extremely unforgettable pleasant times spent together all those years is bound to leave us nostalgic wanting more such positions to embellish spice into our lives.

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  • More so now as the circumstances prevailing presently are anything but pleasant-looking from any angle. In hindsight, the present confinement within the comforts of home courtesy of uncontrollable happenstances indeed has helped in reaching out to friends frequently helping to further cement old relationships. Yes, finding loyal friends might not be easy nor comes on a platter but extracts a tremendous amount of giving and taking as expected in any relationship. There is no denying the fact that other equally life-defining relationships, including spousal as well as off-springs, have their unique dynamic. But trust me, loyal friendships built right from childhood always will occupy a very special place in our lives.
  • The contentment and a sense of fulfillment experienced while indulging in zestful indulgences amid loyal friends are out-of-the-world encounters. No wonder, human beings crave social exchanges and hence will spare no efforts in ensuring acquired friendships built over decades of familiarity continue to flourish amid challenges irrespective of positions, categories, and man-made barriers erected along the way. Dearly hold on to loyal friends, do not let them go! The happiness quotient and feel-good factor emanating here are worth spending millions if required!

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Krishna MV
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