Bengaluru was Blessed By the Rain Gods Recently After a Prolonged Wait!

  • Scores of people who call Bengaluru home must have endured the increasingly stale conversation on the excruciating summer heat prevalent over the last few months. Of course, the discourse on politics and cricket apart from entertainment cannot go out of circulation in India stating the obvious. More so, since the mother of all elections – the Lok Sabha polls – is underway with two out of the seven phases behind us. Yes, movies and in general entertainment prodded by the ever-burgeoning social media platforms always remain in circulation. We have seen how social media and OTT mediums played a defining role during the dark days of the pandemic. Let’s see what is happening on the weather front in Bengaluru.


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  • Yes, the global warming and environmental degradation witnessed on an unprecedented scale around the world is playing out in the form of weather vagaries leading to an extremely challenging situation for the governments. Unseasonal rains, floods, droughts, famine-like situations, cloudbursts, extreme heat and cold, and complete alterations in the erstwhile regular weather patterns have become grave concerns all around. People who had no idea whatsoever about El Nina and La Nina have become experts in describing these two weather patterns that entail how the weather plays out each year. We have seen enough of such occurrences over the years and the citizens of Bengaluru too are witnessing the anomalous weather presently.
  • Remember, Bengaluru was always considered a city blessed with salubrious weather around the year with moderate temperatures defining the beautiful landscape. Not so long ago, Bengaluru was anointed as the Garden City of India. Millions of people from across the country have shifted their base here making it a truly cosmopolitan city. However, Bengaluru has been under severe heat conditions with temperatures shooting up without any respite. Not so long ago, the city used to receive welcoming rains in the evening if the day happened to be sultry, humid, and generally uncomfortable. This summer is proving to be quite a challenging time for the citizens simply because the rain gods have taken a complete break. Not any longer.


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  • Thankfully, the last couple of days have seen some amount of rain ushering in much-needed respite from the rain gods. Should be grateful for those small mercies. The first rain the other day for a brief period only further exacerbated the prevailing heat conditions, making it extremely uncomfortable for the populace not used to such extreme weather vagaries. The second rain on the following day promptly brought the temperature and the humidity to tolerable levels. The Indian Meteorological Department’s forecast for a normal monsoon season must come as a great relief to the citizens as well as the government authorities. Hopefully, the weather gods will relent and bless us with copious rains. Bengaluru needs to shed the tag of tanker city, you see!

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