10 Of Bollywood Most Expensive Flop Movies

Bollywood,Flop,Flop Movies,High Budget,Expensive,Top10

Bollywood being a huge film has surprised us many times with many huge budget movies, however there are many times we have been shocked when the earth shattering budget of a movie just couldn’t save its bad luck on the box office. Even maverick directors, top superstars and huge budgets are also unable to save a film. The real fate of the movie is decided at the box office on FRIDAY when we see how every penny spent is flushed down the drains!

We see many movies becoming flops, but some of them are so damn expensive that even their directors took time to get over from the shock. We often think why do they even make such bogus movies?

Listed top 10 movies which were damn expensive yet big time flops-


Bollywood,Flop,Flop Movies,High Budget,Expensive,Top10

1. Shaandaar

This movie was once among the most awaited movies of this year. I’m sure many would have felt bad for this 75 cr movie. Despite of luxurious sets, super hit songs and fresh pairing it failed as it had a bad script. Well we can say unlike its name it wasn’t Shandaar.



Bollywood,Flop,Flop Movies,High Budget,Expensive,Top10

2. Bombay Velvet

We can call this movie a big scar on the career of the popular director Anurag Kashyap. It is one of the big flop of 2015, with a budget of 125 crores cinefans rejected the film so vigorously it has a loss of 100 crores. In fact we can even this movie as the biggest flop in the history of the Bollywood industry.


Bollywood,Flop,Flop Movies,High Budget,Expensive,Top10

3. Mangal Pandey

Mr.Perfectionist Aamir’s once upon a time most eagerly awaited movies. But the idea of a romancing with a prostitute with one of India’s favourite freedom fighters really didn’t go down well with many. All that people rembember of this movie is Aamir’s long hair and big moustache. This 35-crore film disappointed many of Aamir’s fans.



Bollywood,Flop,Flop Movies,High Budget,Expensive,Top10

4. Saawariya

This movie couldn’t have been a perfect Launchpad for Sonam Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor under the famous Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s banner. But in the Indian market the story of this movie wasn’t well received by its audience. Shot on completely ‘blue-coloured’ sets, this 40-crore movie, after a point, made the audience demand for some sunlight and fresh air.



Bollywood,Flop,Flop Movies,High Budget,Expensive,Top10

5. Blue

In 2009, with a budget of 129 crores, this film became Bollywood’s most expensive movie. Some brilliant underwater shots, and expensive action choreography and a very long schedule in Bahamas but had no grace! Further very hefty pays to Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt took the film’s budget overboard and its story about an under-sea bounty left many people really disappointed. Further special appearance by Kylie Minogue costed the producers around 6.6 crores.


Bollywood,Flop,Flop Movies,High Budget,Expensive,Top10

6. Drona

Investing 87 crores on Abhishek Bachchan is always a risk, right? But Goldie Bhel a good friend of Abhishek took the risk, and realised only when lost it all. The film bombed heavily at the box office. This movie with a superhero flick, was considered too full of imaginary rubbish.



Bollywood,Flop,Flop Movies,High Budget,Expensive,Top10

7. Kites

Nothing could save this movie, be it a brilliant director, superstar son, Mexican hottie and a great music. This movie could’ve been a dream crossover project for Junior Roshan onto the international cinema. Director Rakesh Roshan even had a Brett Ratner cut of the movie for the American audiences. But sadly, he also had a bad script. Rs150 crores was totally wasted!


Bollywood,Flop,Flop Movies,High Budget,Expensive,Top10



8. Asoka

King Khan’s dream project didn’t go well both with critics and fans. Shahruk made a investment of 13 crores in this film and it was a total waste, be it time, money or effort.



Bollywood,Flop,Flop Movies,High Budget,Expensive,Top10


9. Love Story 2050

VFX teams from Australia and New Zealand, this film was much plugged in terms of special effects. But the dream launch for son Harman Baweja by producer Harry Baweja’s failed miserably due to a script which was “senseless”. Harman got a tag of Hrithik-lookalike, this flop corny film also lead to his relationship breakup with his very much rumoured girlfriend Priyanka Chopra who was also the female lead of this disaster.



Bollywood,Flop,Flop Movies,High Budget,Expensive,Top10

10. RGV Ki Aag

So I saved the best for the last. If we call it the biggest box office disaster till date, I am sure most of you will agree with me. This movie has also made its place in the worst Bollywood movies list ever made. This failed try of remaking a classic Sholay raised many eyebrows. Ram Gopal Verma messed to completely the older version of this movie, making Amitabh play Gabbar as Babban Singh. Very poor casting, poor storytelling and terrible reception made this big budget film a disaster!

These days so many high budget movies are being made, and when they flop we get to see how much money got wasted. Well the question still remains unanswered, why are such movies being made?

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