Indisputably, Content is King for Any Sector, Morso for the Entertainment Industry!

  • One of the significant alterations brought about by the pandemic-induced mobility restrictions in the form of lockdowns was the unimaginable emergence of digital mediums, especially the Over The Top (OTT) platforms. Since the conventional cinema halls were closed disallowing large congregations, the global community was provided with an opportunity to consume digital content right in the comforts of home. You only had to have access to an internet connection rest were taken care of by the platforms. Even though the conventional electronic medium and other social media platforms were available for entertainment consumption, what took off in an unprecedented manner was the OTT platforms offering mindboggling variety to the consumers.

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  • In between the first and second Covid waves in the Indian context, earnest attempts were made to resume screening in conventional cinemas but the threat of the dreaded virus always forced the authorities to clamp down restrictions sooner than later. As they say, every adversity brings with it an equal opportunity, the digital content producers started innovating with such diverse ideas and storylines that the consumer was flooded with innumerable choices to satiate entertainment needs. Hitherto unheard-of topics, including taboo ones, appeared on the OTT platforms rendering the consumers spoilt for choices. Of course, this helped talented artists, skilled technicians, and the associated workforce an opportunity to showcase their wares.
  • However, anything and everything cannot be passed on as content since the comprehending consumers are quite clear in what they wish to partake in. Mediocre, mundane, and below-par content was summarily rejected even as talented content writers were emerging out of the shadows to dish out interesting topics. Make no mistake, we all are brought up on a regular diet of big-screen cinema as the primary mode of entertainment. As such, the allure of watching a movie in the hall is something that cannot be replicated by a much smaller television screen. The majority of us would still wish to experience the magic of cinema unfolding in a conventional movie hall soaking in the atmosphere which is unique in its own way.

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  • Speaking of Indian content consumers, there was a time during the last few months when big-budget movies kept bombing at the box office having some of the biggest names in the industry. This is especially true of Bollywood stalwarts whose movies yielded meagre returns in stark contrast to the invested budget. Interestingly, in the same period, a few regional movies struck a chord with the audience that also helped in raking humongous returns at the box office. Even the dubbed versions helped the cash register ringing. Mind you, those films had relevance, social message, power-backed performances, and were closer to life’s reality. It proves beyond doubt that the content is king ultimately. And don’t take the consumers for granted.

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