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7 Signs To Help You Identify Heart Attack At Least A Month In Advance - Kanigas

7 Signs To Help You Identify Heart Attack At Least A Month In Advance


It goes unsaid that life doesn’t come with an expiry date; the clock can stop ticking anytime, either suddenly or via the route of most common deadly health issues known as heart attack. It happens when the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a section of heart muscle and suddenly it gets blocked and the heart can’t get oxygen. We can say that heart attack is a sudden outcome of your lifestyle goes wrong for months and years. There are ways to find out or identify heart attack at least a month in advance.

Signs to identify Heart Attack in advance

Heart attack1. Shortness of breath

Our cardiovascular system and respiratory system are interdependent; but when your heart receives less amount of blood, less blood is supplied to your lungs which in turn lead to shortness of breath. When less blood reaches to the heart, it pumps blood to rest of the body ineffectively. This ultimately results in reduced oxygen supply by lungs. This is one of the most awfully sign.


Heart attack2. Sudden dizziness and cold sweats

If you ever experienced dizziness followed by cold sweats, which is caused due to sudden got up from chair or bed. This is result of a poor cardiac function which reduces the blood supply to the brain. Unusual episodes of cold sweats and dizziness are also signs of heart attack.



Heart attack3. Constant upper body pain

Many people may feel constant less severe pain, but not always in the heart region. You can feel pressure or achiness in the upper portion of the body, including back, chest, shoulders, jaw, and head, upper stomach etc is considered to be an early signs of heart attack.



Heart attack4. Feeling nausea

Sudden or frequent phase of vomiting and nausea are also comes under early sign of heart attack.




Heart attack5. Feeling weak

Narrowing of arteries leads to reduced blood flow to heart and other body parts in turn leads to reduced oxygen supply are the reasons for weakness. It is also an important sign for heart attack.




Heart attack6. Sort of pressure/ discomfort in the chest

Most heart attacks involve discomfort in the centre of the chest that lasts more than few minutes, or goes away completely and comes back again. It can feel like uncomfortable pressure, discomfort or pain all the time.



Heart attack7. Fatigue out

Because of hectic work schedule of today’s life, feeling too tired to move is an unusual symptom for most of us. But feeling drained and wiped out more often is assign that your heart is receiving less oxygen. And you end up feeling extremely tired up.


It should be understood that these signs mayor may not bring out heart attack; but prevention is always better than cure. And if you do experience any or all of these, act immediately-don’t delay because you are not absolutely sure it’s serious. There’s nothing like an early prevention than taking chances with life later.

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