10 Indian Breakfast that you can make in just 15 minutes



Before we start a day’s work, breakfast is the first and the most important meal that we take. The word ‘Breakfast’ literally means breaking the fasting period of the previous night. These days, breakfast is a meal that is often ignored by people, due to their hectic work schedule and time crunch.


Let’s not do this, as breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Below are the 10 breakfast recipes, which can be made easily and quickly, some in just 15 mins.


Paneer Bread Rolls 1. Paneer Bread Rolls

Paneer Bread Rolls are possibly the easiest and quickest breakfast you can make with some bread slices and cottage cheese filling. This is an extremely healthy breakfast option, where bread is high is rich in carbohydrate and paneer is high in protein combine perfectly to make it a wholesome option. Extremely quick to make and you can even experiment with the filling as per your choice.


Instant Rava Dosa


2. Instant Rava Dosa

Rava dosa is one of the very popular South Indian Breakfast which is easy and quick to make. It is an immediate recipe and needs no prior preparation. It is very tasty, crispy.


Batata Poha

3. Batata Poha

Batata Poha is a wholesome and tasty breakfast dish which is simple to make in a very short time. Together with potatoes and onions act as a soft and moist, break to the chewy Poha, while the tempering of ginger-chili paste and lemon juice enhance the flavor. It tastes best when hot and fresh. It can also be carried in the snack box.


4. Pongal

Pongal is the very popular, simple and wholesome breakfast recipe. It’s a combination of rice and dal. Simply add some seasoning to make the dish simple divine.




5. Vermicelli Pulav

Vermicelli Pulav or seviyan Pulav is another popular South Indian breakfast recipe. It’s a combination of the Vermicelli with veggies, very simply spiced and extremely healthy. It can be prepared in no time.




Rava Upma

6. Rava Upma

Rava/ Suji Upma is a renowned breakfast in India. It is nutritious, tasty and very easy to make at home in very limited time. It is a combination of ghee with many healthy veggies and Suji along with well-balanced spices, it is just the right breakfast to start your day.




Aloo matar sandwich


7. Aloo Mattar Sandwich

Aloo-Matar or potato and peas stuffed sandwich is an all-time favorite breakfast recipe for many North Indian families; especially kids. It’s the perfect food to take on weekends.



Aloo Paratha


8. Aloo Paratha

Parathas are also a famous breakfast option among North Indian families. It’s a whole-wheat flat bread stuffed with spicy Aloo filling. Taste best when served hot with a dash of butter and curd.



Cracked Wheat Pulav

9. Cracked Wheat Pulav

Cracked Wheat Pulav or Daliya Pulav is a nutritive and healthy way to start your day. It’s rich in fiber, which keeps you full until your next meal.



Methi Thepla

10. Methi Thepla

Made with fresh fenugreek leaves, Methi Thepla are flat whole wheat flour and gram flour bread which can be served any time in the day. The Theplas are light as well as healthy and requires no prior preparation so very easy to make. These taste the best when served hot with pickle.




These are some of the easiest recipes that can be made quickly. The best part is, all these breakfast options are healthy and tasty.


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