Wrestler Sushil Kumar’s Alleged Involvement in a Murder Case is Disappointing!

  • The sportspersons are always considered to be different from others simply because of their demanding work routine extracting tremendous amounts of sacrifice, sweat, blood, discipline, dedication, determination, honesty, humbleness, passion, and unfettered attention to excel at conquering trying situations and circumstances. In a highly competitive field of sports, if an individual desirous of carving out a niche fails to go through the uncompromising rigmarole expected to remain a force to reckon with, those wishes will remain just that miserably failing to fructify eventually. The maxim there is no shortcut to success holds for every winnable sportsperson aiming to make it big on the sporting arena.

PC: Ardie

  • History is replete with any number of successful sportspersons having achieved unprecedented levels of triumphs fighting against all odds to emerge as a recognizable face. Make no mistake, leaving behind an indelible mark in the national, as well as international levels of sporting distinction, is easier said than done. Apart from the above-mentioned virtues, consistently honing the skills sets on the back of rigorous training, endurance, adopting modern methodologies, persistency, consistency, and a never-say-die attitude as also learning from mistakes will always stand in good stead for any athlete, whether small, big or otherwise.
  • Of course, there is a huge difference between the national and international quality athletes as competing and triumphing at global sporting events like the Olympics and marquee world events will always catapult successful sportspersons into a different league altogether. Those who succeed at the international levels, and especially at the Olympics, from a country like India, are extremely rare, and very few have made us proud vis-à-vis sporting brilliance. One of the most recognized faces is a world-renowned wrestler like Sushil Kumar who perfectly fits the bill. He is the most successful athlete in the country for being the only sportsman to have won two medals at the Olympics, a bronze medal in 2008 and a silver medal in 2012, respectively in the 66 kg category.

PC:  Greg Uyeno

  • Sushil not only brought laurels through exceptional exploits but also ensured the country is counted amongst the best in the discipline. Undoubtedly, the famed wrestler propelled the interest of many youngsters to take up the sports big time and most importantly, making them believe that hard work will never go wasted if it is backed up by steely resolve and will to succeed. Unfortunately, such a towering and well-respected figure with a slew of national awards as recognition for his yeomen services in the field of sports finds himself amid controversy for allegedly getting involved in a brawl resulting in the murder of a young wrestler. Sushil who was on the run for more than a fortnight is finally arrested by the police.
  • Rather than set an emulation-worthy example for young sportspersons, the most decorated athlete finding himself in an alleged murder case is most disappointing. Successful sportspersons are expected to maintain an impeccable record even off the sporting arena by being a celebrity as well as carry the responsibility of inspiring several wannabe athletes to take up the sport to bring laurels to the country. Of course, Sushil cannot be qualified as a culprit till the charges against him are proved beyond doubt. But the damage to the carefully cultivated reputation built over years of toil stands besmirched.

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