What Precautions You Must Take While Driving In Rainy Season


Rainy season is one of the deadliest seasons when it comes to driving. Many expert drivers also lose control over their vehicles; be it four-wheelers or two-wheelers. It is also known as the season when most of the road crashes take place. Most of these road accidents are fatal, while most are highly injurious.

Rainy season brings dangers of wet roads and thick fogs that reduce visibility. Uncontrolled speed on wet roads is one of the major reasons of the road crashes in this reason. Besides, skidding of the vehicles due to sudden breaks also cause minor to major injuries. Altered visibility is caused due to fog in rainy seasons. If you are not careful enough, an otherwise beautiful drive in the rains can turn into an ugly crash.

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Here are few statistics of road crashes during the rainy season.

Rainy Season: Effect on-road crashes

According to a report by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), in 2016, a total number of 9,694 road traffic accidents took place. These road crashes involved nearly 15,682 vehicles and death toll of 5,053 persons. Almost 30,105 people sustained minor to major injuries during these road accidents.

A report compiled by the Auto Insurance Center shows that rain causes more driving fatalities than snow in 39 of the 50 states. In the US, nearly 7,000 people are killed in the car accidents caused due to bad weather.

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What precautions you should take while driving in the rainy season

To avoid car crashes during rains, here are simple tips that you should follow.

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1] Drive slowly and concentrate on the road: During the rainy season, the visibility decreases by as much as 74%. It is always safe to slowly, which gives you just enough time to make a decision in case you see any sudden hurdle or hazard. It also helps you see far enough ahead.

2] Always use signal lights when changing lanes or slowing down: When you are driving, do consider other drivers and road users too. Never assume that other road users are alert and noticing your actions on the road. Hence, it is strictly prohibited to change the lanes abruptly without signaling for some seconds. Always give the other drivers to notice your movements and then move to avoid any collisions.

3] Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you: This is always advisable, be it a rainy season or not. Keeping safe distance between two vehicles gives you time and change to take a quick decision for safe driving. In case the other car brakes suddenly, you can safely slow down your car and then break that avoid skidding of the car.

4] Do not apply sudden brakes: The above point gives rise to this point. Never slam your car’s brakes suddenly as it may cause your vehicle to skid in the rain. Since the roads are slippery, sudden brakes make the vehicle lose traction with the road, and then it leads to an accident.

5] Check your tires: A worn-out tire will cause more skidding than a new tire even in case of normal braking. This happens because the worn-out tire don’t have treads and do not give allowance for water to slide off the tires. This will lead your car to ride above the road, which can be extremely dangerous.

6] Keep your headlights and parking lights on: During the rains, visibility is quite low. In such a case, putting the headlights on helps you see better in front of your vehicle. Headlights also let the drivers coming from the opposite direction know about your vehicle. Besides, parking lights help the drivers coming from your back to locate you.

7] Avoid driving through the flood water: When visibility is low, it is easy to underestimate the depth of floodwater, especially when driving in unfamiliar places or at night. Drive in the middle of the road when the roads are flooded. Avoid driving through the floodwaters altogether if you can.

These tips will help you remain safe in the rainy seasons and avoid any mishaps on the roads.

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