Trust Politicians to Fan Emotive Issues to Gain Brownie Points!

  • People closely following the current affairs of the country would be amazed to find how political class, irrespective of party affiliations, would not let go of an opportunity to stir controversy where none exists. With an eager eye on consolidating the assiduously built vote banks, trust our politicians to contribute to raking up an emotive issue that might potentially seek greater attention.  Umpteen such incidents are reported in the past and will be reported in the future as well. Of course, there are certain topics like caste, class, creed, religion, reservations, quotas, language, and land that always evoke more than a modicum of interest among the political class.  For these core emotive issues could always be played around to garner brownie points, you see.

PC: Pallikkutam

  • No wonder, the country’s two biggest national parties are categorized as communal and secular with fringe parties siding with each serving their own existential interests. Nonetheless, it is no mean task to fully comprehend the undercurrents surging in the political landscape even as various parties undertake every plausible effort to secure their vote banks.  We have heard about international border disputes fanning animosity between neighbouring countries.  For example, India-Pakistan and India-China are well-established disputes that have kept both sides engaged for decades.  In a similar vein, the country also sporadically witnesses inter-state border disputes involving states leading to skirmishes resulting in law and order situations.
  • As you are aware, bordering states like Karnataka and Maharashtra have a decades-long claim on the lines of the linguistics majority residing in those areas. Of late, two independent developments have brought home the need to strengthen institutional mechanisms to resolve differences.  The long-simmering border dispute between Karnataka and Maharashtra once again threatens to boil over.  Also, a recent clash at the border between Assam and Meghalaya led to a loss of lives.  Interestingly, none of these disputes are rooted in narrow party politics.  The four states are administered by either BJP or BJP and allies.  When Congress was dominant, similar problems occurred despite state administrations being run by the same party.


  • The reorganization of states, initially on linguistic lines and later over other issues, has left unresolved matters over borders and river water sharing. Given this context and the absence of quick solutions, India needs to strengthen its inter-state councils.  The national inter-state council meetings provide options to mitigate volatile situations.  Given the emotive nature of the issues involved, solutions are hard to come by.  More so when forest and land are involved.  Violence cannot offer any solutions nor resolve the long-pending matter.  Keeping politicking away for the larger interests of the nation would be most welcome.  As such, regular meetings of the national inter-state council are a calming mechanism in this context.  Hopefully, the politicians realise this.