The IPL has Sounded Out Deathknell to the Bowlers Fraternity!

Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • The 17th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has kick-started on a usually spectacular note, with some of the best international performers making a beeline to this mind-blowing extravaganza. Not for nothing the IPL is considered one of the richest sporting events in the world. The lucrative and cash-rich league not only attracts internationally renowned cricketers to the two-month-long tournament but also has exceeded the expectations of popularity that only heads perpetually northwards yearly. No one is complaining though, not the Board of Control for Cricketers in India as the organisers, nor the franchise owners who would not mind pumping in the required revenue to make the event larger than life.

17th edition

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  • Of course, acknowledged cricketers from around the world as well as Indian talent have come to know that participating in the league for a couple of seasons would take care of their livelihood needs in more than one way. The moot point to ponder over here is whether the T20 format itself is increasingly becoming rather too one-sided favoring the batters at the cost of competitive bowlers. Yes, cricket enthusiasts thronging to the stadiums in big numbers always prefer to witness a deluge of sixers and fours as also run feast expecting a handsome return for the hard money invested in buying tickets. However, the ongoing edition of the IPL has certainly thrown a question mark as to where the shortest form is headed vis-à-vis competition between the bat and the ball.
  • Ideally speaking, cricket connoisseurs and any other person with a fair knowledge of the game would point out how a fair contest between the bat and the ball would provide for a level playing field that would only make the sport thrive making it even more popular. Worryingly, what is on display in the ongoing edition is the complete domination of the bat with some of the teams notching up ridiculous scores in the allotted 20 overs. Imagine seeing scores over 280 being scored in 20 overs. Sunrisers Hyderabad scored an unbelievable 287/3 the other day. The Royal Challengers Bengaluru put up a spirited chase scoring over 260. A jaw-dropping 549 runs were scored in a mere 40 overs. One can only imagine the plights of the clobbered bowlers, you see.


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  • The impact substitute rule introduced since the last edition of the IPL appears to have evoked a mixed response from the cricket pundits as well as the cricketers themselves. This provision has rendered an allrounder irrelevant since the teams can choose a specialist batter or bowler depending on the match situation. No wonder, Team India captain Rohit Sharma was unequivocal in voicing his displeasure for the impact substitute rule. Even for the cricket fans, the run feast on display simply appears unrealistic looking at the ease with which the batters are clearing the boundary with such brute power and finesse. Unless there is an element of keen contest, the IPL will eventually turn out to be that proverbial golden egg. The administrators must step in now.

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