Women’s Dress Code Protests in Iran Deserve a Special Mention and Accolade!

  • The universe and its inhabitants have seen humongous developments in literally every field over the last few decades. No wonder, the mind-boggling technological innovations and inventions in the last fifty years have preceded all those developments achieved during the last few centuries.  The dynamic evolution of newer inventions riding on cutting-edge digital technologies has revolutionized the way humankind exists presently.  The excitement surrounding the numerous potentialities in the coming days is quite palpable.  Modern-day technology is making humanity enjoy the benefits like never before.  However, the moot point to ponder over here is why still there are no perceptible changes observed in the matter related to gender parity though.

PC: Takagawa, Ami

  • The anachronistic, misogynistic, and still widely prevalent patriarchal mindset across the world hasn’t undergone dramatic changes despite efforts to usher in gender quality, unbiased treatment, and equality. Women continue to be treated as second citizens in many countries robbing them of a level playing field to excel at par with their male counterparts.  Take for instance what’s happening in Iran over the women’s dress code.  Amazingly, protests over women’s dress code continue in Iran despite 400-plus deaths at the hands of the regime’s law enforcers.  Due credit must be accorded to the Iranian citizens, especially youth, who are finding enough courage to take on the repressive establishment through protests.
  • Adding gravitas was the Iranian footballers’ who led a silent protest against Tehran in the ongoing World Cup in Qatar. This should be read in the context of the huge churn in Iran.  The big question is whether the fundamentalist ayatollahs’ dispensation will survive what is turning out to be the biggest mass movement since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The regime has shown a considerable appetite for violence.  Plus, the protesters are, as always happens in mass movements, a mixed bunch.  They have been led by young women.  But they have also drawn in people protesting corruption and economic slowdown and inflation.  There’s also a division between radicals, wanting regime change, and moderates, wanting to change the regime somewhat.

PC: Radio Farda

  • Economically too Iran is struggling. The cost of goods and services has increased by a staggering 1,135% over the last decade – that’s an average 100%-plus annual increase – with a corresponding steep decline in living standards.  Add to this Iran’s inability to sell its oil openly – which can by the way cool down global energy prices – due to US sanctions. All of this has created the ground for the current protests. Any sane individual would comprehend the economic situation by attempting to strike a common ground where the protesters’ concerns would be patiently heard and addressed much to the satisfaction of all concerned.  Thus, ayatollahs must take a softer attitude to protesters.  Women deserve better treatment and mere dress protocols shouldn’t come in the way here. Hopefully, better sense prevails on the Iranian establishment.

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