Self-Driving Cars! 5 Amazing and Astounding Facts You Should Know About Autonomous Cars!

Autonomous cars

The new era of autonomous cars as an advanced technology is just launching on the roads! In the past, one can’t even imagine of self-driving cars; but now this dream-cum-true thing has reached the path of reality. The concept of autonomous cars has proved once again that human brain can reach beyond anyone’s imagination! Literally, nothing is impossible in this world of science and technology. Here is a list of 5 amazing and astounding facts you should know about autonomous cars to understand about this concept easily:

Astounding facts about autonomous cars!

Autonomous cars1. Cyber security!

The autonomous cars work on advanced technology, and with advanced technology comes the complications of security threat. The cyber security is a serious concern in this modern era of technology. Audi, Google and Volvo have worked on this technology very well uptil now, and they are very much aware of the cyber threat. They are aiming at providing the utmost security to these self-driving cars, so that no one can breach its security.

2. Hyper accurate mapping!

With self-driving cars, the mapping is not about 10 or 20 feets; but rather, its all about 10 or 20 centimeters! Every 5-10 centimeters also worth a lot as the cars have to be precise enough. It has to inform well in advance so that there is enough time to work upon the obstacles, and avoid the accidents or damages!

Autonomous cars3. The six levels!

The six levels of autonomous driving have been defined by the NHTSA (The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Each level has been defined specific definition, with level 0 providing the 0 driver assistance from the car; and level 5 & 6 can operate without anyone inside.

4. The challenging situations!

Sometimes there are roads where there are unclear or missing road signs. In these cases, body language or gestures like eye contact or facial expressions fills the gaps left by these unclear or missing road signs. So, this new technology should work well in these challenging situations also in order to have a highly developed system of self-driving cars. All the developer companies should work upon installing these features so that the autonomous cars can understand the gestures.

Autonomous cars5. Equipment malfunctions!

Even if cloud-based communication or accurate mapping is being established, and also if the cars learn how to read and understand the human behavior; then also there is a question of component failure! The autonomous cars have to contend with the equipment malfunctions. So, the use of multiple sensors has to go a long way in order to ensure safety.

So, the final question, ‘When will the first autonomous car finally arrive?’ So the answer to this question is the timeframe is really hard to define. It’s because of the fact that so many variables are being involved. So, a fully autonomous car, which can handle each and every challenging situation of humans, is still several years away! But, a car that can drive a short distance under very constant or the consistent conditions i.e. steady speed, minimal traffic, good weather, few pedestrians, etc. is much closer.

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