Artificial Intelligence Features are Similar to a Double-edged Sword!

  • The technical advancements, such as social media, that are taking place in the modern world as a result of the ground-breaking information technology platforms are astounding. Due to their dynamic character, IT-enabled apps are not only beneficial to humanity as a whole but also provide unfathomable conveniences. Formerly unimaginable things are now more prevalent, assisting humanity in its constant struggle to bring about current improvements. It’s astonishing to see how quickly technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, machine learning, data analytics, and other IT-enabled offshoots are altering how people live. Nobody is voicing complaints, but what about data security when everything becomes digital?

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  • Let’s delve deep to understand the same. Not only the data security aspect but also how for instance AI can be misused by dubious social media influencers need honest introspection. Recently, AI-generated deep fakes of protesting wrestlers brought to the fore a frightening pointer to this tech’s many social dangers. When some of India’s top wrestlers were dragged and detained in the national capital, sympathizers from across the country immediately responded that this was not at all how sportspersons who have done their country proud should be treated. No questions about it. But the image that many on social media saw/shared instead was that of protesting Vinesh Phogat and Sangeeta Phogat widely smiling while taking a selfie with the police.
  • Thus, wrestlers who are determinedly pursuing sexual harassment allegations against Wrestling Federation of India chief and BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh became, in this image, frivolous role players. The social bond they had been forming over months was called into doubt by a single photograph. Nevertheless, and this is the terrifying part, it quickly became clear that this image had been altered using the AI toolbox. This is a dangerous occurrence, capable of utterly undermining the public’s access to the truth. Photoshopping indeed uses software that was developed in 1987. Fake news and other types of forgeries are also not recent inventions. But, the story has changed as a result of ChatGPT’s turbocharged adoption in November 2022.


  • As an inflection point for generative AI, the world has entered an era of very easy, high-speed, inexpensive, and sophisticated deep fakery. It no longer needs even minutes for a foe or mischief-maker to sabotage personal authenticity. Everyone is just as vulnerable as Vinesh and Sangeeta. And so are the biggest institutions. Needless to mention, social media platforms acting with more accountability to reality and truth will help. Big Tech should invest some of the riches being poured into generative AI in deep fake detection. Big elections are due in India as well as the USA. AI-aided deep fakery could leave behind a debilitating effect on the democratic process itself. It’s incumbent the authorities come out with a comprehensive policy to preempt AI-aided deep fakery.

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