Politicos are Talking About Jobs, Finally!

  • The Bihar assembly elections is underway with utmost significance attached to the outcome coming closely in the backdrop of the pandemic induced havoc, and less than satisfactory economic scenario prevailing across the country, more specifically in the poll-bound state as well. As the campaigning picked up pace amidst restrictions acknowledging the lurking dangers of the virus, the usual paraphernalia associated with the election time like tall promises and assurances in the form of party manifesto has thrown some interesting claims.


  • Initially, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) promise of free vaccine to all created a huge stir prompting the opposition parties to question the timing as well as demanding answers whether the freebie applies only to those states scheduled to face assembly elections in due course of time. However, meandering and mundane electioneering suddenly received an energizing jolt with the announcement of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) promising ten lakh government jobs on the first day of assuming office.
  • Bland and uninspiring electioneering finds itself rejuvenated now with the countervailing statement by the BJP’s latest announcement of nineteen lakh jobs with fifteen lakh jobs in the private sector. Promises galore during election time is neither a new phenomenon nor unheard of as every political party worth its salt bandies about attractive inducements to lure the voters.  Most often than not, many promises not even find subsequent mentioning once the party assumes office is also a fact not lost on the electorate so used to the worthless shenanigans.

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  • Ironically, even basic promises like providing for good roads, potable water, uninterrupted electricity supply, quality education, adequate healthcare facilities, conducive environment for business, encouragement for entrepreneurship, and generating enough employment opportunities still finds a place in party manifestos mirrors the collective failure of our leaders to match up to the basic expectations/aspirations of people to this day. Contending on provisioning basic amenities after all these years and aspiring to be counted amongst the world powers is plain farcical that does not go hand-in-hand.
  • Tall claims made by political parties of generating lakhs of jobs apart, how to create such monumental jobs in the first place is nowhere mentioned nor a blueprint shared on the modalities to establish opportunities supplementing the claims. Substantiating every claim and counterclaims must also be backed up by robust revenue generation through improvement in increased consumption expenditure, private investment, quality education, excellent infrastructure, and most importantly, in the context of Bihar politics, the rule of law.There is hope once the same is pursued diligently.

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  • All are connected inter-alia and will never work in isolation. Sadly, this never finds mentioned. Time has come for the political narrative to change without harping on the same old saga of social conflict perennially based on caste equations, unaltered protectiveness, and communal politics clouding the prospect of ushering in social reforms.  People deserve more than mere assurances lacking the conviction to deliver decisively and hence, will not settle for anything less than concrete evidence on the ground.  Ultimately, the wisdom of voters will prevail with whom they wish to open the door to govern them.

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