BBMP’s Mask Rule is Ridiculous Defying Commonsense!

  • Citizens of Bengaluru are by now so accustomed to the contrasting instructions/guidelines emanating from the Bruhat Bengaluru MahanagaraPalike (BBMP) with regards to wearing a personal mask that it no longer surprises anyone albeit creating enough heartburn and eliciting aggrieved reactions amongst the masses. Right from the period the pandemic made its presence felt in Bengaluru, the BBMP is in the forefront to tackle the virus menace in varied forms.  To its credit, the BBMP has satisfactorily executed responsibilities save for little irritants here and there.

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  • The latest guidelines released by the agency about the Do’s and Don’ts on the usage of a personal mask is one such instance that defies common logic, unscientifically thought out, ineffective, and further facilitating the enforcement personnel to carry on with harassing the general public already reeling under the impact of unmitigated hardships. Asking people commuting solo in any four-wheeler to mandatorily wear a mask, even if the windows of their automobiles are rolled up, has triggered outrage on social media with users lambasting the agency for its thoughtless directive.
  • Dumbstruck people are wondering why the government and the civic agency, which has done precious little to preventing crowd gatherings in the market areas and during the ongoing election rallies, is so keen on ensuring a single commuter in a vehicle wears a mask. Such diktats are extremely annoying as different yardsticks are adopted whilst handling similar cases of breach.  The BBMP has claimed that the new COVID-19 safety rules were based on the recommendations made by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consisting of experts.

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  • It is understood that the original recommendation of the TAC was to make it “desirable” for the solo motorists to wear a mask if h/she shows symptoms of COVID. However, in a twist to the tale, the TAC now claims that it did not take into consideration the car moving in a public place, and hence, enforceable to avoid confusion as distinguishing symptomatic from asymptomatic would pose a logistical challenge for the enforcing personnel.  Neither scientific rationale nor justifiable reason is forthcoming from the “experts” or the agency mandarins on the issue.

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  • Upset people are suggesting that the illogical move has got to do with BBMP Marshals having set targets to fine those not wearing masks. Make no mistake, the fatigue factor owing to unending challenges and uncertainties has taken a toll all around, and the agency could have very well avoided piling on the misery by simply espousing balanced understanding.No one would question if the enforcement agencies observe unbiased discharge of responsibilities.  Adopting different yardsticks will not be accepted.  The government should revisit the matter now.

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