Opening Cinema Halls, Malls, Pubs, and Restaurants with Full Occupancy is An Apt Move!

  • The pandemic has been anything but unpredictable as experienced by the global community over the last year and a half year is obvious. The Covid surge on the back of successive waves has flummoxed best of the scientific and medical fraternity no end leaving it that much more challenging to arrive at a pattern to present countermeasures to tackle the virulent virus. Constantly evolving virus variants and strains have made the job of securing precious lives even more challenging. But for the inventions of effective vaccines, the severity of the infection would have consumed an unimaginable number of lives. As such, it can be mentioned with a resigned feeling that only predictability has been the sheer unpredictability of the pandemic as it keeps lingering on and on.

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  • Moreover, the economic activities must pick up the pace to ensure the livelihoods of citizens are sustained has been the mantra for all governments. Remember, the authorities exhorting citizens to mentally prepare themselves to live with the virus. Most of humanity has indeed found a way to live with the virus as earlier imposed suffocating restrictions slowly makes way for relaxations. India as a country has witnessed several peaks and troughs albeit officially not on a scale as seen in several developed and advanced countries. Stringent national lockdowns have made way for localized restrictions at the discretion of the local authorities. Hence, many state governments have allowed the opening of economic activities accordingly.
  • By being one of the worst affected states, the Karnataka government has exercised utmost caution in allowing several sectors to function in a graded manner. As the confirmed infection rates are consistently seeing a downward trend, many sectors are almost back to pre-pandemic times pushing up the much-needed revenue generation. However, few industries still had to brave restrictions making their efforts at resuming activities full tilt a non-starter. For instance, the film industry was permitted to allow 50% occupancy while screening movies by following all safety and health protocols prescribed by the authorities. Likewise, pubs, restaurants, and Malls were not allowed to function beyond the 9 PM deadline rendering the business untenable for want of the desired volume and patrons.

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  • Thankfully, the above restrictions which hardly made much economic sense as the business of the mentioned sectors run briskly mostly during late-night hours, and especially during weekends, stands removed. Mind you, the Kannada film industry too has suffered heavy losses as several completed big-budget movies are lying in the cans waiting for the cinema halls to function with 100% occupancy. Less said the better about the hospitality industry which has borne the brunt of the restrictions till now. Similar arguments apply to pubs and restaurants too has dinner-seeking patrons will not conclude partaking in food and beverages before 9 PM. Hence, there are hardly any worthwhile footfalls witnessed courtesy time restrictions. Thus, the Karnataka government lifting these restrictions by allowing cinema halls, malls, pubs, and restaurants to function at least till 10 PM alongside 100% occupancy is apt.

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