Morris Kidnapping Case! Enrique Arochi Sentenced to Life in Prison!


District Judge Mark Rusch handed down the sentence Friday, more than a week after a jury convicted Enrique Arochi, 26, of the August 2014 crime. Christiana Morris is still missing and presumed dead. Arochi will go to prison for life for the aggravated kidnapping of Morris, but that won’t end her family’s suffering.

Enrique Arochi gets life for aggravated kidnapping of Morris!

Enrique ArochiThe evidence!

Christiana Morris and Enrique Arochi, both graduates of Allen High School, were out partying with mutual friends at the start of the Labor Day weekend two years ago. They were last seen together on surveillance video walking into a parking garage at Plano’s Shops at Legacy at 3:55 A.M. Aug. 30, 2014. Arochi’s Camaro pulled out of the garage three minutes later.

During the investigation, Morris’ DNA was found on two spots of the Camaro’s trunk mat as well as on the weather stripping along the bottom edge of the trunk opening.

The evidence in the case was largely circumstantial. Defense attorneys questioned the police’s theories, saying there were too many unknowns about what might have happened. They also raised suspicions about Hunter Foster, Morris’ boyfriend, who was a known drug dealer, and others.

Enrique ArochiAnna Morris pleaded!

After sentencing, Christiana’s stepmother, Anna Morris, pleaded with Arochi in an emotional victim impact statement. She asked Arochi, ‘Can you look me in the eye? How can you continue to torture us? How can you sit there and not tell us what happened to our girl?’

She further added, ‘She was not yours to take. Please, I beg you. Let me bring my daughter home.’


Enrique ArochiMark Morris’ reaction!

Mark Morris said that he misses his daughter’s smile, her laugh, the way she lit up a room. He told Enrique Arochi that every day that she’s been missing, ‘I’m thinking what you could have done with my little girl.’

He asked, ‘She put her trust in you to walk her to her car. And how’d you repay that?’ He further added, ‘I can’t imagine the fear she went through, but I hope you see that fear where you’re going, and I hope you see it every day for the rest of your life.’

Enrique ArochiA separate charge pending on Arochi!

The victim impact statements came after a brief hearing in which prosecutors offered further evidence of Arochi’s character.

A separate charge is also pending against him for sexual assault of a child! He briefly dated a girl in late 2012 through early 2013 who was 16 when he was 22. Evidence of the relationship came to light as Plano detectives were investigating the Morris case. According to testimony, the two had sex multiple times at Arochi’s house in Allen and those encounters included instances of him choking and hitting the teen!

Source: Dallasnews

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