How Different is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from Frequent Handwashing!

  • Many complications are arising out of successive lockdowns courtesy the pandemic which refuses to subside even after five months or so. Economic meltdown brought about by stalled activities on millions of people representing diverse sectors is extensively documented requiring no further validation. Physical challenges apart, there are several mentally related trials and tribulations pushing individual’s including celebrities committing suicides unable to cope up with the mounting duress.

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  • Both aspects of physical and mental well-being are equally important as anyone facet going astray would result in significant imbalance requiring immediate response to arrest the further slide. Not for nothing, it is said that any asymmetry between the two would have a cascading effect leading to overall complications in an individual. Hence, it is advised to ensure both physical and mental health is nurtured appropriately without allowing one to override the other. Healthy balancing between the two is the key.
  • The present-day situation demands strict adherence to health and safety standard operating procedures as mandated by the authorities that also includes frequent handwashing as part of the protocol to keep the raging virus at bay. Now, there might be a situation arising out for scores of people who are previously classified as sufferers of obsessive-compulsive disorder which usually is characterized as a mental disorder inducing repetitive actions that seem impossible to stop.

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  • The person(s) so afflicted is unable to control either the thoughts or activities for more than a short period. Some of the common compulsions include frequent hand washing, unstoppable urge in the counting of things, and uncontrollable impulse for checking to see if a door is locked. There is an umpteen number of instances wherein the suffering individual is often advocated psychotherapy and medications aimed at reducing the symptoms which could be mild or progressively severe, as the case may be.
  • With frequent hand washing assuming greater importance to fight the virulent virus, people identified with the disorder would be facing challenges to adhere to the protocol as anything close to overdoing the same might result in a relapse of the situation. Mild to not so mild sufferers would be hard-pressed to strike any semblance of balance thereby unwittingly leading to further aggravation in their behavioral patterns. What should be the approach under the circumstances to deal with the syndrome?

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  • Understand that mental battle is always fraught with the misery of dissimilar dimensions. As such, extending kind hearing and understanding disposition by the near and dear ones assumes greater importance as the reassuringly soothing presence would go a long way in mitigating the sufferers’ dilemma and doubtful demeanor to a great extent. Trading cautiously is the key here!

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