Education of Any Kind and Form Matters!

  • Of all the virtuoso habits encouraged by the elders, thinkers, teachers, preachers, intellectuals, achievers, and erudite personalities, none would be found less effusive while exhorting to embrace the education. Emphasizing acquiring education as the only tried and tested means to achieve some form of enlightenment known around us amply demonstrates the importance accorded to get rid of acquired unhelpful characteristic traits owing to ignorance.  Right from times immemorial, humankind has never failed to acquire knowledge in whatever form made available to them or in vogue at different periods with the sole intention of advancing humankind.

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  • As the process of evolution perpetually unfolded, inquisitiveness inherently ingrained in humankind has also often triggered life-altering ideas and thought processes resulting in inventions and innovations. No wonder, these have stood the test of times directly proportionate to the amount of keenness exhibited in exploring newer horizons.  Fascinating explorations dotting the evolution of humankind over the millenniums succinctly provides benchmark evidence greatly underlining the necessity of education in all walks of life.  Education, not necessarily a formal learning tool but blessed with even a tiny amount of intellectual comprehension to take forward the legacy.
  • Excitement back in the medieval times would be tangible as the novelty factor has a stimulating facet that captivates the interests of patrons through a sheer dent of unfamiliarity, usually associated with every fresh innovation making an appearance for the very first time. As compared to past times though unknown to us, the present-day scenario is tremendously evolved thanks to unparalleled advancements in the field of science, technology, research, and novel but unending pursuits skillfully aided at all levels by unhindered backing of the administrative machinery.

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  • As always, once awareness takes effect, the originality factor weans away organically paving for further improvements on the findings. Without patronage, backing, and encouragement from controlling authorities, nothing substantial would have emerged aiding the uninterrupted advancement of humankind.  The very existence of humanity sustained amidst trying times and challenges speaks volumes about the resilience exhibited by our ancestors braving adversities since ancient times.  And the same flexibility continues to this day on the back of imbibed resoluteness.
  • Sponsorships, investments, funding, and encouragement have ensured no roadblocks come in the way of investigations potentially leading to the establishment of newer innovations for the overall good of humanity. A template so successfully created continues to serve to this day.All this could not have been made possible in the realm of ignorance dotting our existential landscape whatever the times, situations, and prevailing conditions.  Acquiring knowledge by adopting accepted norms serves us well despite challenges thrown at by the vagaries of life.

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  • Readily giving up without even offering a semblance of a fight in the face of mounting trials and tribulations eventually decide where we are headed. Argumentatively, many might say ignorance is a bliss which could be questioned to call the bluff of staying relevant.  Educating self does not harm anyone but choosing to remain ignorant will render one incapable of forging ahead or being a part of mainstream happenstances.

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Krishna MV
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