Alleged corruption in Paramilitary forces


Recent revelations by one of the Paramilitary constable explicitly complaining of lack of facilities and serving of substandard food to soldiers posted at high altitude areas is not only greatly disturbing but also worryingly mirrors sorry state of affairs dogging the border manning forces.  Video message so posted has gone viral showing our paramilitary forces in very poor light.  What is more disconcerting is further revelations about food rations / provisions and fuel supplies meant for the soldiers being sold for profit by senior officers near camps of paramilitary forces in Srinagar.

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One must not forget the fact that paramilitary forces are primarily tasked with maintaining the internal security aspects of the country in the face of mounting challenges.  Besides this, paramilitary personnel are deployed in border areas too – notably disturbed parts of J & K, heavily naxal infested regions and also extend security coverage during election time as well.

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All these work places demands extreme diligence, vigilance and stable thought processes to carry out duties and responsibilities with utmost presence of mind.  When basic requirements like food and amenities are not provisioned, it not only severely dents the morale of the fighting forces but also renders them extremely disenchanted with the whole establishment.  This appears to be the outcome in the instant case which is compelling the constable to come out with startling disclosures.

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Officer cadre personnel are always expected to uphold utmost levels of honesty, integrity, commitment, unbiased handling of situations to inspire loyalty amongst subordinates.  Even a mere hint of dilution in the mentioned virtues from the stable of a commanding leader whilst executing entrusted tasks are bound to puncture undying loyalty of the working class. Exceptionally rigid hierarchical structure of the forces sustains on this crucial factor.  Any deviation whatsoever reflects poorly on the disciplinary characteristic as well as raises questions about leadership qualities of the superiors in commanding subordinates adroitly, fairly and judiciously.

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If leaders of men themselves are found to be involved in such heinous misadventures, it speaks about despicable rot that has set in the fighting forces mandating immediate corrective treatment.  One can comprehend lack of supplies owing to extraneous situations but anything remotely associated with dubious acts of omission and commission on the part of supply chain itself leading to pilfering out of ration & fuel definitely warrants comprehensive investigations. As such, thorough probe into the allegations is in order and to supplement the same, zero tolerance approach with adequate deterrence as a measure(s) should be considered as non-negotiable keeping in mind future transgressions, if any.

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One more aspect that should get a serious consideration is to have permanent officer cadre for paramilitary forces like BSF & CISF instead of deputing IPS officers on tenures ranging from 1 to 3 years.  Apparently, present system appears lacking in continuity as well as bonding so essential amongst personnel to inspire espirit de corps.  Union Home Ministry should address this vexed issue at once without biding time and hoping the matter to die a natural death.

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