Tropical Storm Hermine Takes Aim At Florida! Here Are The 5 Deadliest Hurricanes In American History!


According to a prediction made by the National Hurricane Center, by the time Tropical Storm Hermine makes landfall, it may possibly strengthen into a hurricane! The warning is issued for strong winds, storm surge and flood risk. And, if Hermine becomes a Hurricane; then it would be the 1st to hit Florida since Wilma in 2005. It may also cause huge devastation in the area. So, here we present a list of 5 deadliest hurricanes in the history of America:

Deadliest hurricanes of America!

Deadliest hurricanes 1. Galveston Hurricane!

Galveston hurricane is considered as one of the most dangerous and deadliest hurricanes of all time. In 1900, the hurricane hit the Upper Coast of Texas. The winds were blowing at a staggering speed of 120 mph, and even the seas rose to 20 feets height. An estimated 8k to 12k people died in this devastation, and damage of around $30 million was done by it.

Deadliest hurricanes 2. Hurricane Camille!

Hurricane Camille in August, 1969 devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The wind speed can’t be determined as the winds were blowing so fast that it went on to destroy all the measuring instruments over there. The storm also surge at a dangerous height of 24 feets, killing around 140 people!


Deadliest hurricanes 3. Miami Hurricane!

The Miami Hurricane of September, 1926 passed over downtown Miami and parts of South Miami and Coconut Grove. The worst and deadliest part of this hurricane was the fact that it brought around 10-foot storm surge onto Miami Beach. Damages at that time were around $105 million, which would cost around $100 billion in today’s time!


Deadliest hurricanes 4. Hurricane Andrew!

Though Andrew was considered as a small hurricane; but it came with extreme winds. After striking southern Florida, it even made a 2nd landfall in south-central Louisiana. It caused catastrophic damage by damaging around 127k homes, and costed around $26.5 billion.


Deadliest hurricanes 5. Hurricane Katrina!

Hurricane Katrina in 2005 struck both Florida and the central Gulf Coast. Unlike Andrew, Katrina’s most catastrophic impacts were from the storm surge rather than wind. The storm surge went around 28 feets height, the highest surge on record in the entire history of hurricanes in America! This storm surge went on to penetrate 6 miles inland across most of South Mississippi, causing devastation.

All these deadly hurricanes have produced dangerous storm surges, killed thousands of people and even caused billions of dollars in damage!

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