Shocking! 7 Hard To Believe And Weird Medical Treatments!


Nobody can deny the fact that the universe is full of strange things. Many of such strange and bizarre stuff are hard to believe and digest; but it is really harder to believe that many people believe in all these stuffs! Here is a list of 7 hard to believe and weird medical treatments that actually exists:

Bizarre medical treatments!

Medical treatments1. Snake massage!

This snake massage used as the medical treatment is one of the creepiest and scariest too! A spa in Bali offers snake massage to its customers with pythons. And, it is believed that these pythons offer more sensations than a massage therapists hands! This massage can relieve stress and release muscle tension.


Medical treatments2. Urine therapy!

Also termed as urotherapy; it refers to the various applications of human urine for cosmetic or medical purposes. It includes massaging one’s own skin or gums with urine or drinking one’s own urine to cure several diseases including diabetes! The minerals, enzymes, hormones and natural antibodies in urine help to cure the diseases.


Medical treatments3. Again a creepy one, swallowing a live fish!

This unique therapy of swallowing a live murrel or sardine fish is believed to permanently cure asthma and also other respiratory problems. The herbs for this purpose are inserted into fish’s mouth and then this 5cm fish is swallowed by the patient. The patient then has to follow a 45-day strict diet!


Medical treatments4. Cryotherapy!

Known for its efficacy and also low rates of side effects; cryotherapy is used to treat mainly skin diseases or disorders like moles, warts, skin tags and solar keatoses. It is general or local use of low temperatures in medical therapy. It is believed to decrease cell growth and reproduction, inflammation, pain; and increases cellular survival.


Medical treatments5. Leech therapy!

Leech therapy is renowned in keeping the blood flow to the wounds and thereby helping them to heal. Actually, leeches secrete proteins and peptides, which help in preventing the blood clots. They are also used to treat cardiovascular diseases and circulatory disorders; and are mostly used in plastic surgery.


Medical treatments6. Cupping therapy!

Another form of ancient healing; cupping therapy is used to mobilize blood flow so as to promote healing. With this therapy, a local suction is created by the cup over the specified target area of the skin. This suction is created using mechanical devices such as electrical pumps; or heat i.e. fire!


Medical treatments7. Electroconvulsive therapy!

Also known as electroshock; it is a well-established yet controversial medical treatment for treating depression. In this therapy, seizures are electrically induced in the patients for therapeutic effect. It was first introduced in 1930s; and today more than a million people receive ECT worldwide every year!


Surely, at first instance, those bitter pills prescribed by the doctors for treating diseases seem to be cool as compared to these weird and a bit scary medical treatments!

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