Insane! 5 Most Deadliest And Dangerous Volcanoes Of The USA!


A volcano can be quiet for a long period of time; but we cannot perceive that it won’t erupt. It is due to the fact that Mother Nature has got all the powers to reshuffle the things, and thus, can convert a lower threat volcano to a deadly and dangerous one! Dangerous volcanoes itself means that the volcanoes are active and in no time can pose a life threatening situation in front of us. According to US Geological Survey, there are around 169 active and dangerous volcanoes in the United States. Out of these 169, 54 volcanoes have been categorized under high or worse threat levels! So, here we present a list of 5 most deadliest and dangerous volcanoes of the United States:

Most deadliest & dangerous volcanoes of America!

Dangerous volcanoes1. Redoubt Volcano, Alaska!

The Redoubt Volcano in Alaska is highly insane when it comes to humanity! It is because of its proximity to the international airport, the city of Anchorage and the flight paths overhead. On 21st April, 1990, when Redoubt erupted, the volcanic mudflows swept into the inlet some 35 kms away!


Dangerous volcanoes2. South Sister Volcano, Oregon!

The South Sister Volcano in Oregon is considered as a very high threat volcano in the Three Sisters area. The Three Sisters area is 115 square miles long volcanic hotbed in Oregon. Recent studies of scientists reveals that an altogether new volcano is about to form in that area that can cause havoc in the future. Their studies also revealed that the magma is flowing there, and is getting accumulated underground!

Dangerous volcanoes3. Mount St. Helens Volcano, Washington!

Over the last 10,000 years of the US history, Mount St. Helens Volcano has erupted more frequently as compared to any other volcano in the Cascade Range. And, what’s more dangerous is the fact that it has continued erupting! The eruption of 1980 is even considered as the most deadly and devastating volcanic eruption of the United States. The eruption spewed around 520 million tons of ash, which darkened the sky even 250 miles away.

Dangerous volcanoes4. Mount Rainier Volcano, Washington!

Another high threatening volcano of Washington, Mount Rainier Volcano is majorly covered with snow and ice. And, that’s the reason; it is also prone to high risk of volcanic mudflows! According to scientists, this volcano undergoes significant and dangerous volcanic activity every 500 to 1,000 years.


Dangerous volcanoes5. Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii!

Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii is active since 1983. This volcano has got all the potential to explode at any point of time. And, that’s when it becomes more deadly and dangerous than any other volcano.


Even, the Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii is considered as the largest volcano on Earth. Since its first documented eruption in 1843, it has erupted 33 times! But, what gives relief is the fact that it has been relatively quiet since 1984.

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