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Though laptops are being purchased more as compared to personal computers these days, but there’s no denying the fact that PCs are faster, reliable and have a great capacity to handle rough usage. Numerous additions can be made to a Personal computer anytime; this flexibility is not available in Laptops. But PCs do have an age and after a point of time you need to upgrade or change your PC; in this article I will tell you about 10 such signs which calls you to change your PC: –

Personal Computer1. If your processor becomes outdated

There are many processors in the market, but two companies basically dominate this division, they are Intel and AMD. The current Intel processors which are available in the market are Intel Core i3, i5 and i7. Now if you are still running your personal computer on Pentium 4, you can yourself realize that your personal computer cannot install the latest games and software’s which definitely calls you to upgrade your personal computer.


Personal Computer2. Display card (Graphic card) starts giving issues

For all those who don’t know this, that a basic graphic card is important for every personal computer these days, without which you cannot make proper use of your personal computer even if other configurations are good. If you realize that your display card’s fan or the chip itself is not delivering the performance, which it should, then it is time you should change your PC.


Personal Computer
3. Motherboard crashes

This is the biggest reason to change your PC. ‘Motherboard’ like the name suggests, is the mother of a PC; your computer’s performance is based on this board. If the motherboard crashes and is under warranty, then there’s no problem. However, if it is not covered under warranty then you should definitely change your PC.


Personal Computer4. CPU becomes noisy

CPU or Central Processing Unit is the most important part of a personal computer, when we talk about CPU becoming noisy it means that you can hear different types of noises like a beep, or the fans inside creating a lot of noise. Sometimes the noises occur due to the failure of the microprocessor thus it is a viable sign to change your personal computer.



Personal Computer5. If you format too often

If you format your personal computer on a daily/monthly basis because of file corruption or OS errors, then it is time you should change your PC. Formatting takes place once in 1-2 years just to ensure that windows files work efficiently, but if you have to do this on a regular basis then it is taken to wrap up your old PC.



Personal Computer6. The OS becomes slow

If your PC becomes slow, then the best way to overcome the problem is to format your PC, but if the problem persists after you have formatted your PC, then you should certainly change your PC as because it is a sign that the internal hardware’s are not working properly.




Personal Computer7. Windows/Mac stops giving software updates

This has recently happened with Windows XP, Microsoft stopped giving updates of the operating system as because the OS had become obsolete. Now if you need to upgrade to Windows Vista, 7,8,10 then you need to make a complete changeover of your PC as because the configuration demanded by the new OS are pretty high.


Personal Computer
8. SMPS starts giving you a headache

Switch Mode Power Supply or SMPS, better known as a PSU (Power supply unit) is a very important part of a PC as because it provides power to your CPU without which no activity can be done on your computer. Now if this gives you a problem every now and then, then it is time you should change your computer.





Personal Computer9. When you are not able to run new software’s

New software’s like Microsoft Office 2016, Nero 2015 demand a high configuration in order to run them. If you cannot run this software’s on your PC due to incompatibility, then it is time you change your PC.





Personal Computer10. When you see the blue screen very often

The blue screen can appear due to numerous reasons such as display driver failure, CPU’s incapacity to take pressure, RAM failure, hard disk crashing and other such reasons; all of these reasons are a sign that you need to change your PC.


So, these are the signs which call you to change your PC.

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