Top 7 Tips For Fitness At Workplace


These days everyone has really tight schedules, be it office or home managing time efficiently is a challenge. And if this challenging era, we make a lot of sacrifices and the first thing that we all tend to sacrifice is staying fit. Most of us complain of not having enough time to hit the gym or to do yoga or any form of body activity. But do you think sitting in front of your computer in the office is going to help you stay fit, no it might not but make you even more lethargic isn’t it. So what do we do? Check out 7 really fun tips to keep fit in your office. Trust me you will feel much more energetic and confident in your workplace if you try and follow these tips.

7 Fun Tips To Keep Fit & Going In Office

So all you lazy people who blame tight schedules for their unfit bodies. Check out some really easy day to day things which you can do and get healthy and fit even while at you are at your workplace:


1. Drink Lots Of Water To Stay Well hydrated

You don’t know how important water is for your body, it actually helps your body with all types of physical and mental performance, digestion and detoxification. So the best thing to do is, fill a bottle of water right when you reach your office as it will be come much easier for you to drink the recommend amount of water each day. Well it is recommended that one individual drinks atleast eight glasses of water each day. Drinking water will help you release stress and also give you loads of energy throughout the day.

2. Walk Around At Intervals

Sitting in one place for too long can prove to be really bad for your body. Make it a point that you give yourself a number of reasons to take a break in a day, preferably try to move around once after every 40 minutes. Moving around in intervals can help you improve your focus. It will also make you feel much better and reduce your fatigue. So stop ordering your tea\coffee at your desk, instead walk and get it.


3. Hit The Office Gym

Be it lunch hours or tea time, it is always a good idea to take all the advantage of the office gym. Devoting 30 minutes from your schedule to exercise isn’t a bad idea. We all take lunch breaks and tea breaks isn’t it? So instead of chatting around, why don’t you run on the jogger or treadmill or a stationary bicycle.

4. Stretch Whenever You Can

Sitting at one place for long time often lead to problems like , weight gain, face stress and back and joint pains. So if you want to really get rid of all such health problems then start stretching yourself whenever possible. Be it on the chair or while standing, stretch your head, feet and arms as frequently as you can.


5. Climb Up Some Stairs

Say No to Lift, yes atleast try climbing up 2 – 3 floors every day. Get moving on the stairs instead of the elevator it will keep you fit and energetic.

6. Eat Healthy

Forget those chips, junk food and sodas that you normally have with your office colleagues. But try having some healthy snacks like fruits and granola. Eating healthy is very important to be fit.


7. Participate in Office Games

These days most offices have table tennis and basketball set ups, this is one of the most interesting way to keep yourself healthy and fit. Along with keeping you fit it might also help you lose a lot of weight.

The latest Mantra in the corporate world is having some ‘Fitness at workplace’. So you too start following the same. It will help you boosts your morale, enhance productivity, and even reduce absenteeism. The best part of being fit is that it reduces depression. Isn’t that great, I hope you gain all benefits from these tips. Stay Fit and Stay Healthy.

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