The Indian Entertainment Industry Is Making Waves Globally! The Reach Should Be Expanded!

  • It’s generally accepted that the entertainment industry is one of the most crucial revenue-generating segments considered extremely crucial to further the soft power of the nation. Apart from generating handsome revenues, the entertainment industry also contributes to socially bonding the citizens of a country admirably. The reach and impact of the entertainment industry – let’s restrict our conversation to movie production here – on the country’s social fabric is indisputable. There are instances of how socially relevant movies are successful in sending out strong messages for the general well-being of the community. The power of the entertainment industry is substantial and hence the actors are considered celebrities with a huge fan following.

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  • In the context of the Indian entertainment industry, the Hindi film industry alongside the southern region industries enjoys tremendous traction among the patrons. No wonder, stalwarts from these regions are accorded demi-god status with an unimaginable fan following to boot. The Indian entertainment market is huge offering even the big global players an opportunity to produce movies targeting the amiable audience here. The Indian diaspora spread around the globe also offers an equitable market for movie producers keeping in mind the lucrative overseas avenues. Yes, several blockbuster movies from the stable of the Indian entertainment industry are making waves globally raking in moolah as well as audiences in great numbers.
  • As we know, the Oscars are considered the pinnacle of global recognition for the entertainment industry where every movie production vies for attention. Now, many Indians have been scratching their heads at Naata Naatu winning the country its first Oscar for Best Original Song. And The Elephant Whisperers bagging the Best Documentary Short Film is nothing short of icing on the cake. Many would be wondering what is so great about the Naatu song when a long list of songs that are just as good could not make the cut. This does underline that the vast Indian entertainment industry has only touched the tip of its global potential. These successes should not be misread as a sign of India’s arrival as more can be achieved.

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  • It’s more a question of whether content creators can maximise the opportunities as India always had many stories to tell, but now it has global platforms. Indeed, the OTT revolution means that this game has not moved far beyond big stars and big films. Every Netflix film and series from India released in 2022 on average trended in eight countries. The great richness and diversity of our storytelling mean that we should aim for 80 instead. Further, what is true of Indian cinema is true too of Indian spirituality, cuisine, therapies, and the ilk. As such, there’s no harm in nurturing ambitions about enriching stories and ways of our thinking to travel around the world reaching out to a greater audience. And there’s no dearth of talent here. The sky is the limit.

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