T20 Cricket is for the Daring Youngsters! Aging Superstars Should Take a Back Seat!

  • Cricket fans have seen how, since it was introduced, the game’s shortest format has undergone incredible transformations. It is unnecessary to elaborate on the fact that T20 cricket is a slam-bang variant devoid of all the equipment used in the longest version of the game. T20 matches will never be able to capture or equal the classic struggle between the bat and ball seen in five-day Test matches. There were no disputes. Real cricket fans who were up on the traditional Test format would never concede that the advent of T20s has somehow changed the nature of the game. The popularity, audience, and entertainment value of the game has, without a doubt, expanded to unprecedented levels as a result.


  • Everyone agrees that the T20 leagues are spreading throughout the countries that play cricket and generating much-needed income from the matches. India is undoubtedly the hub of cricket in the world, as 70% of its money comes from there. We all know that, given the game’s extraordinary and unmatched popularity, cricket is regarded in India as being on par with religion. You should be aware that T20 cricket is a high-intensity, quick-paced format that calls for agility, ability, durability, fitness, innovation, and haste to meet the demands. This makes the format perfect for young cricketers who possess a lot of fire, enthusiasm, and a desire to match the rigors of the game.
  • Every T20 league in the cricket-playing world has shown the same thing: youthful players stealing the show, even though established stars are just as capable of keeping up with the fast-evolving format’s pyrotechnics. And because the bat dominates the ball by its nature, the format itself is getting more dynamic. Batsmen who simply clobber the bowlers by emerging with astounding shot-making prowess are now characterized as innovative. Due to this, the conventional playing fonts associated with the veterans of the industry have come under increased criticism. Every cricketing nation has three teams that represent the various formats, mind you. But, very few cricketers, as you can see, participate in all three formats.

PC: Sauradeep Ash

  • The vibrant Indian T20 market is partly due to the fiercely competitive IPL. The league’s competition, context, and content are all global, bringing out the best players in the world. Several young Indian cricketers who are extremely skilled and have ignited the stage with their astounding feats have also benefited from the IPL’s development. It’s time for superstars like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma to step aside so that youths, of which there are plenty, may represent Team India in T20s, as Ravi Shastri recently stated with great justification. These reliable players are essential to Test cricket. T20 cricket can have entrepreneurial young people to maintain a high level of entertainment. These legends can still represent franchise cricket, of course.

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