Smart Economic Moves: Reforms and Tapping Into Discontentment

  • Post lockdown moves by the Central as well as State Governments shall be keenly watched by the entire nation from now on. Especially so by the business community keen to pick up the economic activity lying dormant for more than a month now. Saving life and livelihood was the guiding force for all stakeholders’ viz. Government and business leaders. Former appears to have been achieved going by the statistics and it’s time to concentrate on the later henceforth.

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  • As the past experiences suggest, every adversity inherently comes camouflaged with untapped opportunity and those astute enough would not fail in recognizing the same to initiate steps diligently. Economic downturn apart, appears the crisis brought out by the pandemic has also succeeded in clearing policy cobwebs by opening up the decision making processes. Agriculture is one primary example where the farmer is connected to the consumer directly reaping benefits amidst the gloom.
  • During his recent video conferencing with the State Chief Ministers, the Honorable Prime Minister unabashedly urged the leaders to place a higher premium in kick-starting the economy by tapping into large discontentment of Multi-National Companies against China. Japan has already announced $ 2.2 billion in incentives to move business production out of China. This move could set precedent for other countries to follow suit in the coming days.

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  • In view of the global economic uncertainties staring at us, time is ripe indeed to lay red carpet to welcome large business conglomerates to invest in our country by tapping into this growing dissatisfaction. The situation dictates to move away from our over-reliance on China as well in importing critical and high-value components spread across sectors. As such, going out of the way to woo potential investors is par for the course and should be pursued vigorously.

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  • Does our ecosystem geared up adequately to support in terms of provisioning infrastructure specifically in the absence of long-delayed land and labor reforms? The answer is definitely no but adds more heft if the measures are finally introduced that should complement efforts of making our market genuinely competitive. It also calls for streamlining of tax and regulatory policies in line with offering attractive incentives/subsidies for productive outlets identified.
  • Everybody concurs that all-encompassing reforms alone would energize stuttering economic engine to chug ahead. Any further pause or delay in introducing reforms would render our professed dream of scaling $5 trillion economy by 2024, just a dream. Action time please!

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