Regulating Social Media Giants is Inescapable!

  • There is no denying the fact that the social media platforms backed by the technology giants have assumed indispensable importance and sway in the last few years. Behemoths like Facebook and Google, the most prominent tech companies are at the forefront of revolutionary unfolding witnessed in the digital sphere arenot only in our day-to-day lives but also in professional lives too. The pandemic has fastened the online usage to such an extent that the medium kept the economic activity, howsoever minimal, chugging along during lockdown.
  • The virtual world has emerged as the most obvious option for millions of patrons who wish to share and conduct everything under the sun by using these platforms is a new norm. Unprecedented popularity over the last few months speaks volumes about the reach of the media.Widely endorsed media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp have assumed no less than a parallel world for the millions who patronage the same with passion, enthusiasm, and regularity.

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  • So extensive the reach is that someone not associated with any of the popular social media platforms is deemed as anachronistic far removed from the present-day happenings. Don’t be surprised if one is labelled as uncool owing to reluctance or ignorance from failing to be counted amongst the countless clientsin the virtual world.In the same vein, everything connected to such online platforms cannot be considered as a holy grail or the last word simply because unlike conventional print medium, one important aspect sorely missing here is the accountability and the responsibility factor.
  • Come to think of it, the print media is the most respected amongst the available lot, including the virtual media, enjoying not only the unflinching belief by majority customers but also reinforcing trust in the all-encompassing reportage covering every tiny bit of information with authenticity.Contrarily speaking, the visible absence of lack of legitimacy renders the online platforms, inhibited by technology giants, distinctly disadvantaged in comparison to the print media thereby opening avenues to question the fallacy of trusting any information originating using the digital stage.
  • The amount of traffic observed in the digital highway is humongous offering limitless opportunities for exhaustive exploration including but not restricted to creating webpages, sharing personal experiences/photographs, ogling at celebrities/popular personalities, peering into their personal lives, searching forgotten friends, and services, typing emails, exchanging greetings, seeking connectivity, surreptitiously scouring pornography, adding on to conspiracy theories, and frequenting chatrooms. The list can be exhaustive, and the medium encircles us.

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  • Wonder who gets benefitted in utilizing the medium! It is none other than social media influencers accruing the rewards and the real users are left with mere personal gratification for a limited duration but having to confront unforeseen repercussions furthering the interests of neither individuals, families, communities nor the government. Therefore, the necessity arises to regulate these medium akin to print media which cannot go overboard in content but at the same time exercising responsibility and staying accountable to what is propagated under its ambit.The government should act now!

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Krishna MV
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