Javelin Champion Neeraj Chopra Simply Appears Unstoppable!

  • India as a country is mainly devoid of champion athletes who may bring glory to the entire country through exploits in the most prestigious athletic arenas. Call it heredity or a lack of killer instincts to go the extra mile to win, Indian athletes are frequently found yearning to beat their counterparts from other countries when it counts the most. Some Indian athletes have finished second or third in international competitions. Of course, we’ve accepted this as the standard more often than not, rather than pushing ourselves even harder to guarantee we don’t blow an opportunity to win the event. Does anyone mention missed opportunities? Undoubtedly, this is the truth, as we might have used more of our athletes.


  • Thankfully, the Indian athletic scene is slowly but surely improving, with unheralded sports stars from many disciplines not only creating a name for themselves on the world stage but also emerging as undisputed champions in future tournaments. Consider how superstar javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra has recently emerged. Few Indians were aware of Neeraj Chopra’s achievements in track and field competitions. The champion thrower emerged victorious to claim the coveted gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, and the entire nation sat up to take note of the rarest achievement, soaking it up with unbridled joy. Certainly, the entire country celebrated Olympic gold with zeal and delight.
  • To be sure, Neeraj is the first Indian to win an Olympic medal in track and field. He is also only the second Indian, after ace shooter Abhinav Bindra, to win Olympic gold in the individual event. As you are aware, the majority of Indians are raised on a regular diet of cricket, which is viewed as nothing less than a religion in this country. Cricket commands such popularity, reach, and allure in India. Nobody challenges or criticizes cricket’s pervasiveness, but other sports such as hockey, badminton, wrestling, shooting, and boxing are also making an impression. This was a highly pleasant event, which was boosted further when the javelin captured the attention of


  • Taking one step further, Neeraj Chopra just won gold in the World Athletics Championship, making the entire country happy. Furthermore, his post-gold medal speech would have made every sports fan in the country proud. Neeraj addressed himself in the first person, as if he were the collective. We won the Olympic gold medal. We are now World Champions. Everything is feasible. What a statement from the young champion to make, proving that Neeraj has a level head on his big shoulders. I am sure all Indians hope and pray that Neeraj Chopra continues to work hard in the days and years ahead to bring even more honor to the country. Champion, go for it!

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