It is An Opportunity for Strengthening Online Teaching Infrastructure!

  • As times evolve, technologies developed, innovations introduced, inventions pursued, and adopted to better serve humanity is an organic phenomenon seamlessly emerging to support developmental activities. Concurrently, humanity also is confronted with unmitigated challenges time and again of diverse nature posing grave existential questions.  To its credit, the humankind has most often than not arisen not necessarily unscathed but more humbled / rejuvenated by the life-altering experience.

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  • As the saying goes, every adversarial happening also inherently provides for an equally profitable opportunity indeed is proved yet again in the face of global pandemic raging unabated globally. The opportunity that I am referring to here is the technology most widely and successfully embraced during these difficult times i.e. power of the information technology and its ancillary services utilized on various platforms coming to the fore in sustaining the everyday functionality.
  • In the absence of physical workings owing to successive lockdowns, working from home was hugely facilitated by the online platforms across sectors save for those categories of workers whose bodily presence is unavoidable. The education industry is one such critical sector that gets priority over many others simply because of the immense importance it holds in building the fortunes of a country by shaping up young minds. As schools had to be closed due to the sensitivities involved, online teaching was the preferred option.

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  • Though private schools had the wherewithal, infrastructure, resources, skilled and trained teachers at their disposal, the public schools under the aegis of the government not only were found to be inadequate in many fronts but also dithered in forcefully pursuing the only available methodology under the circumstances. As most of the schools fall under the direct supervision of the government, it was found grossly wanting in ensuring pedagogy utilizing the online teaching methodology effectively.
  • Anticipating the pandemic, the government set about sprucing up the healthcare infrastructure to meet the challenges head-on. Though the jury is still out whether the exercise is successful or continues to crumble unable to match up to the sheer demographic volume.  Similarly, the opportunity has arisen to strengthen the education sector too on the lines of the healthcare sector for reaping sustained benefits in the coming days.

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  • Severe shortcomings experienced whilst teaching online should provide valuable lessons to single-mindedly devote efforts and resources to spruce the sector. It is embarrassing to note that despite leading the global information technology revolution, the country is found wanting in provisioning bandwidth, network, hardware, software, necessary instruments to the millions of young children the means to continue learning via online platforms.  Powers-that-be should focus on this aspect expeditiously.  Dithering may not be an option at all.


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