Pandemic COVID 19 has wrought unmitigated sufferings and catastrophe across the Universe in no small measures.  Going by the look of things, the deadly virus appears set to further create havoc leaving behind trails of destruction not witnessed by many of us, especially the millennial generation. However, what has emerged from such destabilizing scenario since times immemorial is a certain silver line offering welcome hope to the humanity to not only regroup but also rise again with renewed vigor and zeal. Whilst people across the spectrum observe enforced lockdown, it’s appropriate to introspect honestly as to what lessons could be learnt afresh from the global pandemic and try implementing the wherever possible / feasible.

WHO calls COVID-19 a global pandemic | Science News for Students

Over the millennium, the Universe has perpetually witnessed evolution vis-à-vis developments, advancements, scientifically aided technological emergences, unrivaled excellence in medicine enhancing our life span considerably, never heard before modern amenities based on the currently popular platforms like Artificial Intelligence, digital revolution, analytics etc… The list is endless.  Unfortunately, stop for a while and assess at what cost all of the mentioned strongly made its imposing presence felt and which has so seamlessly intertwined with our regular lives. In the melee to embrace the so called modernity with gleeful abundance, humanity as a whole started believing about the race’s falsely conceived supremacy over the Mother Nature.

Of late, we are witness to dishearteningly careless and irresponsible abuse of the entire gamut of natural resources – including but not restricted to flora and fauna, ecology, tried and tested traditions where emphasis was hugely laid on appreciating the Mother Nature in its pristine glory without ever crossing the invisible line.  Where appreciation, gratitude, acceptance and willingness to respect the supremacy of Mother Nature was never doubted nor questioned somehow gradually paved way for arrogance tinged high-handed behavior of ungrateful humanity hell bent on self-destructive mode. Such uncontrolled destruction riding on make-believe technological hegemony and allusions to indefatigable prowess was bound to be repelled at one point of time and how Mother Nature chose to put us in our tracks is there for all of us to reflect, now.

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Inevitably, the Mother Nature shall reign supreme simply by virtue of possessing all such wherewithal beyond the means of humanity thereby subjugating the entire race without much ado.  COVID 19 presents an opportunity for course correction wherein it calls upon the entire human race to adopt such holistic measures which does not disturb the natural equilibrium of respectful co-existence.  Gratitude, appreciation and complete surrendering to Mother Nature alone would restore semblance of normalcy.  Mark my words, any contrary moves will eventually render the entire human race persona non grata!

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Krishna MV
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