India has Not Done Badly During the Pandemic Despite Opposition Crying Hoarse!

  • The entire global community exposed to the vagaries of the coronavirus is aware of the minutest details associated with the dreaded virus. Even a layman would be quite exposed to the nitty-gritty surrounding the happenings on the matter over the last year or so. Unfortunately, the pandemic appears to have solidly resolved to entrench amidst us despite tremendous efforts to tame the menace from spreading its tentacles unhindered. Of course, humanity can rightly lay claim to having partially succeeded in arresting the spread in the form of vaccine invention. But sporadic waves witnessed everywhere points at continued battles lying ahead of us.


  • In hindsight, India as a country was equally up to the task of adopting measures like stringent lockdowns buying crucial time to strengthen the healthcare infrastructure in anticipation of the virus wave sweeping across. Call it diligence, timely measures implemented much against adversities, strong in-built immunity system amongst the countrymen, traditional food habits naturally aiding in the development of immunity, time-tested practices building a natural shield, or simply plain luck, the country’s fatality rate as well as confirmed infection rates were never seemed out of control as compared to developed and developing countries, respectively.
  • As the stalled economic activities resumed gradually, the infection rates too were brought under reasonable control without ever having to encounter a terrible situation akin to those beamed across in many of the European and Western communities. The world community, lead by the World Health Organization, was fulsome in appreciating the efforts of the Union Government-led initiatives to face the virus challenges afflicting the nation. Yes, millions of people were placed under severe duress vis-à-vis loss of jobs, lack of employment opportunities, uncertain future, and painful migration of laborers owing to fear factor rather than government leaving them in the lurch. Provisioning of free ration was a huge mitigating factor benefitting millions though.

PC: Diana Orlova

  • India is the only developing country to have invented an indigenous vaccine, discounting the fact that China cannot be bracketed as a developing nation any longer, which is being exported as well to other countries. Soon followed the vaccination drive which is showing signs of picking up pace with the inclusion of more categories of beneficiaries portending an effective tool to eventually tame the virus sooner than later. Cries of Co-Win app meant to digitally enroll vaccine beneficiaries has faced extremely mixed reactions from being hailed as efficient to ridiculing it as a downright nuisance. Truth is that the diligent efforts of the Government are certainly paying off.
  • Speaking from my personal experience, the vaccination drive using the app is admirably user-friendly right from the time of registering to freeze the date for inoculation to visiting the place for receiving the jab to obtaining a digital certificate listing out all relevant details and mentioning the date for receiving the second dose. I am given to understand even the most developed United States of America is issuing a handwritten receipt for the vaccine beneficiaries. Let us take pride in appreciating the efforts wherever it is due. Therefore, loud applause to all concerned authorities including both the Union and State governments alongside related workforce for making it this far. Three cheers!

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