Illogical and Inconsequential Bilateral T20 Cricket Series Helps None!

  • Make no mistake, every Indian around the globe is a die-hard cricket fan who does not wish to let go of an opportunity to witness and soak in the festive atmosphere whenever the most popular sport is played around. We have grown up on a steady diet of one or the other form of cricket events happening throughout the year. Of course, with the advent of the abridged version of T20 franchise-based cricket, there is no way one can feel deprived of the most loved game from being played throughout the year. No one is complaining though. Look not far from how T20 cricket has taken off when the Indian Premier League was first introduced. The league has indeed become the biggest money spinner attracting the best talents from around the cricket-playing world.


  • So much so that several internationally acclaimed cricketers have opted out of their respective board’s central contract by deciding to play in the most lucrative and rewarding T20 leagues. Undoubtedly, a huge amount of money is involved in the shortest format of the game thereby attracting young talents in droves. The revenue generated from the T20 league like the IPL is simply mind-boggling. The moot point to ponder over here is how to sustain the interest of cricketers as well as the paying public in the classical format of the game i.e., Test cricket. You would have noticed how Test cricket is losing prominence in some of the countries like Pakistan, the West Indies, South Africa, and Bangladesh. Empty stands make for a poor advertisement for the game.
  • Thankfully, Test cricket continues to thrive in England, Australia, New Zealand, and to some extent in India. The recently concluded tour of the West Indies saw Team India play all three formats of the game. Team India won the Test series and the 50-over series quite comfortably. T20Is was won by the West Indies 3-2. Now, it begs questions as to why the five-match T20Is were played in the first place in a year where the 50-Over World Cup is just a few weeks away. Such inconsequential bilateral series not only lack substance for the players but also squarely render the same irrelevant in the overall scheme of things. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) mandarins should spell out what has been achieved with the T20Is that simply seemed forcibly added.

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  • As pointed out by Indian cricketers like Hardik Pandya and Ravi Ashwin, the cricketing infrastructure in the West Indies has simply crumbled over the years. Maybe Team India playing out the shortest format would have brought in much-needed revenue to the struggling Caribbean officials to shore up their crumbling cricketing infrastructure. Mind you, Indian cricketers are extremely popular everywhere and the overseas Indians present in large numbers always ensure they turn up in big numbers. Nonetheless, it is extremely despondent to see how the once mighty West Indies cricket has completely collapsed failing to even qualify for the ensuing World Cup in India. Would there be any hopes of resurrection in the coming days for the West Indies? Let’s see.

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