Holy Shit! Huge Fire In Chicago, Destroys Flea Market

Flea Market

Flea Market

This news is from Chicago, where a massive fire broke out at the Buyers Flea Market, which happens to be a large indoor-outdoor flea market situated in West Humboldt Park. The fire resulted in the creation of black billowing smoke which could be seen from miles away.


Huge Fire In Chicago, Destroys Flea Market

1.A woman was rescued from inside of the building after she got tapped in the bathroom. According to Chicago Fire Department there are no reports of injuries.

Flea Market

2.The fire had started just before 10 am at the block-long flea market which is located at 4545 West Division, east of North Cicero Avenue.

3.At about 1 pm the fire elevated to a 5-11 alarm. About 200 firefighters were on the scene Tuesday afternoon. The reason of the fire is still undetermined.

4.The fire was blazing on the building’s south side when the firefighters had arrived. As of 9pm tired firefighters were still at the scene trying to put out last of the flames.

5.The streets near the area have been closed, the building to the north was evacuated shortly after 11 am.

6.At 10.10 am a vehicle which was parked on the top of the building collapsed with a part of the roof, followed by other vehicles where many other cars were parked.

Flea Market

7.The flea market’s website has said that the market has been in the Chicago area for more than 30 years and happens to be the city’s largest indoor-outdoor flea market.

8.Yasmeen Rodriguez said that the flea market has been here the longest and it’s been one of the major incomes; and to see everything go down like that was nerve wracking.

9.Norman Gonzalez said that she lost about $7,000 worth of Mexican candy which she sells at the flea market.

10.She also added that her husband and she herself are going to cry; they don’t know what to do, they will have to wait.

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