Cautions are Being Thrown Into the Wind! Pandemic is Still Raging!

  • Agreed, all stalled economic activities were expected to resume functioning sooner than later as successive lockdown has rendered the economy devastated beyond imagination. The GDP contraction of 23.9 percent for the quarter April to June amply demonstrate how badly battered the economic picture presents which are not only depressing, to say the least, but also projects for the discerning eyes the challenges galore confronting the nation’s collective will to resurrect the same on a war footing.


  • Successive unlock guidelines issued have allowed all veritable economic activities to resume except for cinema halls, swimming pools, and of course, full-fledged resumption of educational institutions. Though the accompanying guidelines exhort all concerned stakeholders to exercise the utmost precautions in observing social distancing norms, health & safety measures like wearing marks, handwashing, and distance maintaining of six feet, ground reality witnessed all around is quite worrisome.
  • With almost all sectors allowed functioning to enable livelihoods, assiduously followed norms for the past few months appear to have gone missing in the face of increased movements of people amidst activities. The uncompromising attitude displayed not so long ago while observing social distancing has lost intent and purpose what with people milling around in crowds ignoring basic distancing. Not only are the public transportation like buses and other modes are teeming with people but also common places like markets are also seeing crowds disregarding distancing norms.

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  • Besides the above, scores of people have already forsaken wearing masks while moving around in public places despite concerted efforts at exhorting the virtues of covering mouth and nose to keep the spread of the virus at bay. Body language and demeanor on display amply suggests that people have made up in their minds as having conquered the virus menace and hence, it’s business as usual for many without taking any recourse to follow imposed restrictions. Authorities have also gone slow in strict implementation as well.
  • Moreover, the media, especially electronic, who were continuously broadcasting about the vagaries of the virus have moved on what with alluring breaking news in the form of rampant usage of drugs involving celebrities hogging the limelight for the last fortnight or so. Except for cursory reportage of the number of infection cases, deaths, and discharges, not much is aired highlighting the challenges faced on the virus front. The nation is nowhere near yet to hit the projected peak and we are almost back to our old routine.

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  • As the experts keep cautioning us to exercise the highest precautions as the surge in cases is peaking newer heights every day, letting guard now would not only imperil the safety and health of individuals but also jeopardize the economic activities having started to gradually pick pace fighting against all odds. Government alone cannot fight; we all need to extend support wholesomely. Impassionate urgings to follow all precautionary measures are in order and fellow citizens should ensure the same for the wellbeing of all of us.

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Krishna MV
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