Rain Induced Water Logging Saga Repeats Every Monsoon!

  • The biggest bane of Metropolitan cities in our country is to watch how the entire aspects of day-to-day routine functioning come to a standstill even when moderate to heavy rainfall pounds in the region. Lack of proper planning, unauthorized construction activities, illegal sanctioning of plans, blatant disregard for rule of the law, corruption at all levels of sanctioning authorities, political patronage forestalling honest officials from performing rightful discharge of responsibilities coming in the way of ensuring basic amenities, are some of the biggest impediments.

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  • The country is a predominantly agriculture-based economy despite other enterprising sectors fast climbing up the ladder of handsome deliverance contributing to the advancement. Agriculture is primarily dependant on the monsoon, especially the south-west monsoon, that helps in sowing Kharif crops during the rainy season starting from June onwards. Subsequently, the Rabi crops are sown during the winter season depending on the robustness of monsoon filling up the dams constructed for irrigation.
  • Thus, one can easily comprehend the criticality of bountiful rains following good monsoon allowing for interlinked economic activities to sustain and flourish in an agriculture-based country. Many governments have thrived following good monsoon, and few have fallen by the side owing to poor rains resulting in drought leading to famine-like situations as well. No government wishes to be at the receiving end of Mother Nature’s vagaries, especially lack of rains come what may.

PC: R. Sree Ram

  • Ironically, the situation in Metro cities is an entirely different story altogether. Urban dwellers residing in low lying areas and other vulnerable geographical locations of a city would be praying for lesser rains, if possible no rains at all, as every spell of moderate to heavy downpour leaves such a trail of destruction and damage on the inhabitants that they will be dreading the prospects of very onset of monsoon itself. Time and again undergoing hardships wrought out by watery challenges are indescribable.
  • Poor civic amenities, majorly as a fallout of illegal construction activities, have rendered the stormwater drainages meant to carry rainwater safely and freely are clogged to such an extent that reporting of waterlogging/inundation does not evoke much concern anymore, save for the affected lot. Widespread damages to the belongings including but not restricted to properties, furniture, valuables, equipment, vehicles, and similar such important possessions are a norm rather than the exception, year after year.

PC: Dipti Singh

  • The Government assures the hapless citizens of addressing the concerns by promising to provide every mitigating measure to avoid the recurrence of rain damages. It will remain so, a mere hollow promise soon forgotten and to be repeated yet again whenever the rain plays havoc with the people down the line. When do we, the honest taxpaying public, be treated with dignity by ensuring basic amenities are provisioned without causing gut-wrenching and heartbreak? No assuring answers! Keep waiting

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