Brain Shrinkage! 7 Everyday Things That Screw Up Our Heads!

Brain Shrinkage

Yes, brain shrinkage is of course a real world terminology! Everybody’s brain shrink day after day due to their increasing age, but what actually matters here is the pace at which it shrinks! Brain shrinkage which happen by the everyday (bad) things of the human being, affect a human body adversely at times, and may even lead to enormous shrinkage of the brain. Here is a list of 7 everyday things that can indeed screw up your heads, causing brain shrinkage:

Brain Shrinkage: Not a myth!

Brain Shrinkage 1. Alcohol!

Alcoholism changes that delicate series of chemical and processes in our brain, which can affect and cause brain shrinkage in the long run. Alcohol is actually a depressant, and when consumed may disrupt one’s feelings, emotions, thoughts, and at the end, may even disrupt mental health, causing shrinkage of the brain.

Brain Shrinkage 2. Overeating!

If you are a foodie, then this one is for you! Yes, overeating indeed helps in shrinkage of our brain! Many studies evidenced that eating less may in turn slow down one’s ageing process and brain shrinkage, thus helping in living a much longer life.


Brain Shrinkage 3. Sleep deprived person!

Sleep deprived person are more vulnerable to brain shrinkage. It’s because sleepiness hinders one’s ability to think logically by lowering the concentration and alertness. At the same time, it also hampers judgement, making it a more complex situation.


Brain Shrinkage 4. Stress!

Stress hampers one’s brain growth in many ways. Stress is considered as one of the worst and deadliest thing, which could even lead to serious mental condition. It is because stress has the ability to kill one’s brain cells, that too, in the dedicated areas of learning and memory. Thus, it can damage many brain functions at a given point of time.

Brain Shrinkage 5. Cigarettes!

To all the chain smokers out here, this one is for you people! Along with many hazardous and some life-taking ill effects, smoking is often associated with shrinkage of the brain. According to a study, chain smokers tend to have a thinner cortex’s (an outer portion of a human brain, which is crucial for cognition).


Brain Shrinkage 6. Saying no to exercise!

If you want to increase your life span along with increasing cognitive abilities; then saying no to exercise won’t help you out. For years, scientists are regularly linking one’s brain health with physical exercises, thus trying to reflect the importance of exercising.


Brain Shrinkage 7. Cutting down the water level!

Brain cells are almost 85% water, and thus they need more water than any other part of the body. It’s because, after reaching the brain, water creates the essential hydroelectric energy, which is required to keep brain working at its optimum level.


Even skipping breakfast and staring at your Smartphone all day may some day, will eventually lead to shrinkage of the brain.

These common and not-so-good habits if not avoided on time, may even cause havoc in one’s life. So, it’s better to change them before it gets too late, because ‘prevention is always better than cure!’

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