7 Things In Which Americans Are Way Better Than Anyone Else!


While the Americans are renowned for effusive greetings all over the world, there are even many things in which Americans are simply best. They are simply way better than anyone else in the whole world. Simply, there is no comparison of Americans in those things; one just can’t stand ahead of Americans in those things. So, here we present a list of 7 things in which Americans are way better than anyone else:

Things in which Americans are way better!

Way better1. Effusive greetings!

Americans are simply best in giving thunderous feeling of friendship. Seriously, the variety and vibrancy of their greeting is unrivaled! Someone whom you even don’t know may pop out from nowhere and can be very friendly with you, and believe me, that feeling will surely amaze you.


Way better2. Diversity!

It’s just not about the ethnic diversity, but it’s also about the world culture, landscape, climate and category of wildlife. One can find and feel the diversity of all these things in America. There is simply no comparison of all these things all around the world.


Way better3. Sports!

Whether it is any National competition or it is Olympics, the Americans leave their impact in the eyes of every person of the world. And, that’s the only reason; America has more than one National Sport! Even, they are the undisputed kings of many sports.


Way better4. Road Trips!

Whether it is jaw dropping views of the blue waters of Pacific Coast Highway, Route 1 or the hilarious view of the Loop Road around Acadia National Park; one can never ever forget their experience of road trips in America. Americans are way better than anyone else in this category also.


Way better5. Moving Pictures!

Whether it is amazing and magnificent pictures like Avatar or it are internationally loved Television shows like The Daily Show; Americans stay ahead of each and everyone all around the world. America is simply the world’s dramatic chipmunk.


Way better6. National Parks!

Comprising of more than 84 million acres of rapids, coral reefs, caverns, badlands, buttes, plateaus, volcanoes, mangroves, geysers, glaciers, falls, fjords, swamplands, sandstone arches and gift shops ranging from coast to coast; America has got everything in its lap. And, all these turns out be the America’s greatest natural treasure.


Way better7. Derbies!

Be it racing, smashing or haberdashing, the USA is the home of derby in all of its forms. Louisville’s Kentucky Derby on the oval track is a spectacle of horseshoed pageantry.


Even, there is no other nation in the entire world that offers the portions and varieties of culinary experimentation found in the USA. Americans simply eat like none other!

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