Alert! Overweight? Then Possibly You Are Exposed To 13 Different Types Of Cancer

Obesity, Cancer

Well we all know how bad being overweight can actually be for us. Apart from the tension of not being able to wear trendy clothes and not fitting into old clothes we are also quite exposed to a variety of health issues. Today this might be an eye opener for all those who have been ignoring those increasing numbers on the weighing machine. Yes being overweight is bad for your health but you can just never imagine how bad those surplus pounds actually be. Ok let me get straight to the point, according to health experts overweight people are now exposed to 8 additional types of cancer, which makes the overall list as high as 13.

Overweight people expose to 13 different Cancers

Obesity, Cancer

According to a research conducted by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, obese category people are exposed to 8 different types of cancer. The review was backed by some 1,000 studies. Check out the complete list below:

1. Kidney Cancer
2. Brain Cancer (Meningioma)
3. Uterine Cancer
4. Thyroid Cancer
5. Blood Cancer (Multiple Myeloma)
6. Breast Cancer (in postmenopausal women)
7. Gastric Cancer
8. Liver Cancer
9. Gallbladder Cancer
10. Pancreatic Cancer
11. Ovarian Cancer
12. Colorectal Cancer
13. Adenocarcinoma of the esophagus

Risk Of Cancer Increases With Increasing Weight

Obesity, Cancer

According to experts the risk of catching this deadly disease increases with increasing weight for some of the above types of cancers. Which means your weight is closely associated with the risk. 10% for every 5 body mass index points over 30 is the risk for breast cancer in women.

It is important that people understand how important it has become to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle too. Having a good and balanced diet and exercising regularly is as important as not smoking and having excess alcohol. It might sound scary to those who are gaining weight but there is good news too, according to the authors of the study obese people who tend to lose weight have appeared to reduce their cancer risk.

Obesity, Cancer,Overweight

Obesity is now a global epidemic; I hope this piece of news does help you understand the importance of maintaining a healthy weight. So be active, eat healthy and be healthy too.


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