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Chennai Latest, Rain Stops But New Areas Flooded, Interior Areas Cut, Passengers Stranded On Railway Station And Airport

Chennai Latest: Rain Stops, But New Areas Flooded; Interior Areas Cut; Passengers Stranded On Railway Station And Airport


Chennai Flood  In Chennai, floods surged the day after the rain stopped.  The rain water found its way to the drinking water reservoirs and the authorities opened the sluice gates letting out the water into the rivers.

The water outflown from Chembarakkan reservoir was at a flow rate of 20,000 cusecs and was feeding into Adyar River. Many people along the Adyar River bank have been stranded due to floods on the river. The residents, who are mostly slum dwellers living in Saidapet, Manapakkan and Kotturpuram, have been evacuated to relief centers like marriage halls and schools.

What is happening right now?

When the rain had stopped on Wednesday morning, it had provided relief to the residents. However, their relief soon turned into panic when the water level started increasing. It gradually increased from knee-deep to chest high. Kasimedu fishermen who stay in north Chennai have brought their dinghies to Kottupuram and Nandanam to evacuate those affected.

Chennai Flood

Flights remain suspended at Chennai (last update on Thursday, 6am) due to heavy rainfall and water logging on the runway. The movement of railway traffic of various parts of the state was affected badly on Wednesday. The continuous downpour is being said to be the worst in the last ten years.

A NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) is a notice which contains information regarding the condition, establishment or any change in facility, procedure or service among others in an airspace management. An Airports Authority of India spokesperson said that AAI has issued a NOTAM to all the air operations in this regard. Chennai authorities had shut all the operations till Wednesday in the beginning; but have extended it due to incessant rains.

All airlines have shut their operations from Chennai airport. Jet airways has cancelled all its flights from and to Chennai for Wednesday; while Spicejet has cancelled all its flights till Thursday.

What is the Government doing?

Pusapati Ashok Gajapathi Raju who is the Union Minister for Civil aviation said that only essential materials like drinking water and food are being provided; while everything else is paralyzed. When he was asked so as to when the flights will resume, he told that until and unless the rain stops, he cannot give any information as because Chennai and its neighboring districts have been affected badly.

Chennai Flood

Manoj Sinha who is the railway minister of the state said that safety of the passengers is the top priority and they are taking necessary steps to ensure the safety of the passengers. He further added that the railway services have been hit seriously; but the exact figures are not available and he would be sharing it once they come.

Manoj Sinha also said that directions have been given to the officers to treat the safety of the passengers with the topmost priority. Heavy rain has pounded many parts of Chennai and has disturbed normal life.

Chennai Flood


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has met with senior cabinet ministers like Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Sigh, Venkaiah Naidu and Arjun Jaityley and has discussed emergency measures which are to be taken in order to assist the government in Tamil Nadu. He has also said that it is not just a Chennai problem, but is a problem of the entire country.




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Source: The Times of India & Hindustan Times.

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